So my son is  a HUGE fan of Yo Gabba Gabba.  Funny.. that's the ONLY show the kid will watch! 


**Editor's Note**  Don't mind the clothes in the background... PROMISE I was doing laundry at the time! lol


I have gotten my girlfriend Rachel hooked on it too. Well.. her daughter Lorelei. 

Boston is turning 1 and wer're having a party for him.

Simple... cute... and at our house.  (I mean seriously, as if the kid has ANY idea it's his birthday, ya know?  lol)

I made the birthday invites.  They turned out pretty fun.

I just used regular cardstock - and cut out teeth and attached BIG eyes.  (Or should I say, Eye!)

Now.. time to think about the cake. 

What do you think?

Ok. So maybe I didn't make that.  But I did this one.  Whatch think?



Yeah.  Ok.  So maybe I didn't do that one either.

Believe me on this one?


Busted.  Don't know Chloe.


I don't know what to make!  But these sure look AWESOME don't they!