Ok.. so my best friend has informed me my blog is boring! ha.  She said 'all you post is your Better Philly stuff!  Tell me more about you!'

Ok.  So here's me. 

It's 3:55am and I am up with nasty heartburn.  Never had it until I had a baby.  Thanks Boston.  You were worth it though.

I like to say heartburns... but my hubby always corrects me and says 'it's singular! HeartBURN!'

So... I figure I'd listen to him this time.  He's asleep...


For the first time EVER on the couch.

I have to say... I was quite a jerk to him last night.  I know I was.

He was great to me...  Yesterday I went to the gym, came home-ran out and went to a movie with my pregnant girlfriend who desperately needed a 'Mommy break'. 

And by the time the day was said and done... Hubby never got the chance to even leave the house.

There were a few underlying issues... that I really shouldn't go into.

But I'm up at 4am and after thinking about it...

It's my fault. 

We had a great weekend, and courtesy of me... I feel I ruined his at the very end.

He's the only person in this world that I desperately want to make happy.  That I desperately want to make proud.  And when I know he's lacking any of that.... I feel so bad.

Well... only when I KNOW it's my fault.

Did I mention he changed the lightbulbs in the house yesterday?

Yeah.  He went ABOVE and beyond being the perfect hubby/dad.  Although Boston never left his pj's... but that's ok. 

So... tonite is going to be a definite IOU. 

Sorry honey. 

Will you come back to bed?

I can't believe this is the first time he's EVER slept on the couch...

I hate it. 

Sowwy honey. 

Yeah, I know.

I'm whooped.