Ok.  So I am sitting here typing with tears in my eyes.  WHAT THE???  It's too early to be sad. 

I guess it's my first Mommy rejection.

It's my fault.  I did it.  I'm the one who taught him.

The word Dada.  Dad.  DADADADADADADa.

I say, where Dada Boston?  He says "Dad" and looks around for him.

I say, clap your hands... he does it.

I say, give me hi five... he does it.

I say, say Mama.... he says Dad.

Total Bummer.


I'm the one who changes him in the morning... feeds him.. takes care of him all day...

I'm the one who bathes him... massages him and puts him to bed...

I'm the one who gets him ready, packs his bag, everytime we go anywhere.

I'm the one who does all the above... and takes him to the sitter and picks him up.. feeds him dinner..repeat.

But yet... his first real word is Dad.

I'm the one who taught him to say it....  I wanted Dad to be proud and excited to hear it.

Not next time, that's for sure.  As soon as that kid pops out.. MAMAMAMAMAMAMA.

(That is if the Good Lord allows me a 'next time'.)