So today I had an interesting TV shoot for Better Philly.

My open went like this:

**Welcome back to Better Philly, I'm Joey Fortman.  The Tampa Temptation, Dallas Desire, San Diego Seduction... ALL SOUND LIKE GREAT ICE CREAM FLAVORS...

But no - we're talking about FOOTBALL!!!

I'm dressed in my Lingerie



... And so are THEY."

((**Editors Notes-the 2nd one from left in FARRR back was the ONLY one in lingerie!  haha))

Yeah.  So I wore my Gap Pajamma Pants.  LOL. I felt like an ass gorgeous hottie.  And I took one for the team... ((No pun intended.))

There was another stuck up news reporter highly educated television news journalist there.  I met her for the first time... and her comment was "I went to J-School for this?"  I'm guessing she meant Journalism school. 

Me.. not so much. I got a degree in theatre.

I must start out.. by saying-I was NOT thrilled about this.  These women were young... GORGEOUS and many fake body parts.  I myself, well, we all know I was/is/am hanging on to a good 30  post pregnancy pounds.  A YEAR LATER.  Nahhhhh... I wasn't MORTIFIED.

I was. 

I was sick the entire time I was on my way there.  Not to mention I chipped my tooth last night.  STUPID red neck look I had going on.


I have to admit... as MUCH as I think it's TRASHY, pathetic, degrading, sick, voyeuristic, etc. etc. 

SOME of these girls were actually VERY athletic. 

The "Mitchell guy" who created the league.  DOUCHBAG.

I was just ill looking at him and his chest shaving 'former backup quarterback in high school' self.

So.. the segment likely will air.  I'm really glad that I am a WOMAN.  WITH CURVES.  ALL NATURAL. (Although, if my husband won the lottery I would TOTALLY get some serious, nip;tuck;suck action.)


Segment coming soon........