I'm rather embarassed to even mention this.  Just cause I fear the outcome! lol

Tonight-on the Gameshow Network.... My hubby and I are on The Newlywed Game!

Yeah.  I was bored one day this summer and applied for the game. 

They responded with wanting us to come to the open audition.  Matt didn't now anything about it until I sent him the email for the audition.  It was downtown Philly and Mandee was in town so she watched Boston for us.

We went downtown and auditioned.... had coffee and came home.  It was an early Saturday morning. 

Heard nothing.... for quite some time, then got a call.

They wanted us to be on the show!  I was so excited. 

Once again, Mandee was our saviour.  She spent her own cash and came in to watch Boston for us so we could go to New York City for the show!

We went on a Monday evening.. and was home by 5:30 on Tuesday. 

We stayed at a hotel and ate at some Irish restaurant. 

The next morning... of course I was already getting yelled at to hurry up.  (My husband has this REDICULOUS idea that I am late for everything?!?  Seriously.  He has to be delusional.)

We spent the day at the Newlwed Game... and well... left.  I can't give ANY details on the process until after it airs tonite.

Yep.  Tonite.  If you have NOTHING going on... grab a beer and sit down and watch it.  I have a feeling it might be quite comical.  Seriously though.... it's going to be MUCH more embarassing than funny.


Honestly... you may never look at us the same after this show.

Hope you still love us.