I'm such a slacker lately.

I had these MAJOR inspirations in the past... and now, I'm just blah. I haven't done any TV in a couple weeks and after a few weeks of without adult interaction- I turn into a loser.

Well, maybe not a loser.  But bored.

So... here I am.

I will tell you.  I started Body for Life with my friend Rachel this week-and I feel great!

I have worked out and eaten great for 3 days.. well... 2 1/2.  Tonite I'm going to hang out with One Fit Mama's making some fun pottery stuff.  I love doing crazy crafty things. 

I'm working on a DJ Lance Rock outfit for Matty to wear for B's first birthday.  I CAN'T BELIEVE HES GONAA BE 1!!! 

Where did the time go???

Oh-Boston got a new car!  AND he's sucha hottie in it!


He's hoping to pick up some serious hot chicks....