Man.  I soooo wish I would have REALLY listened growing up how important it is to brush and floss your teeth. 

I have a dentist appt. today.  Yippee Kai -A!

I found a great Dentist, believe it or not, his name is Dr. White.

He's great.  I sadly had to get a tooth pulled over the summer.  What happened was a few years ago I got a rooth canal and had it capped.  Are you ready for this... I SWALLOWED the cap on an airplane!!!  You should have seen me.  I jumped up, ran to the 'lavatory' and about freaked out.

After I realized there was nothing I could do to 'get it back'.  I called a dentist.  They said "Well... you can either get it replaced, or 'find it' if you know what I mean."

No chance was I going to 'look for it', find it, and put it BACK in my mouth?? No.

Well, to top it all off I was pregnant... so I couldn't get all the drugs and goodies that go along with it.

So, I waited until after Boston was born.  STUPID mistake.

The tooth was DONE.  KAPUT.  They had to pull it.  DON'T EVER DO THAT!!

So... I devised a plan for my oral future.  Although, not working may hurt that plan a bit.. since getting veneers is sooo stinking expensive.  Not to mention, I have to get an implant on that one tooth that will likely cost thousands.

Today I'm getting about 7 fillings.  And a cleaning.  NO.. I don't have 7 cavaties.  But the fillings that are in there are coming out... eroding and they have to replace them.

Oh Geez, I can't wait to see the bill on this one!!

Poor Matt.  Yeah, we have dental insurance, but it's CRAP!!!  I don't get it.  They say your oral health is what causes greatness in your 'overall health' but yet-to have great oral health, the insurance stinks.  So the folks who have miserable teeth end up in the doc's office and hospital ALL the time with illness.  Isn't THAT what is costing insurances more??? We should have better DENTAL than regular!!! 

Ok. Off my soap box. 

I hate my teeth though.  My parents spent THOUSANDS on braces that I wore for OVER 5 years.  Then I threw my retainer away and waaa-laaa.  This is what you get.

Should have listened to Mom. 

She's ALWAYS right....