Well... I can't wait until the 10th, that's for sure! ha.

No. Matt came home and wasn't feeling good at all.  So needless to say, he was in bed almost before Boston!  Poor guy took a bubble bath and almost drowned the bathroom with bubbles.  (I have an awesome vanilla bubble bath from Sabon.  Great place!!  All their stuff is created from the Dead Sea!  If you ever got to one of their stores, they have a sink in the middle and you can test all the goodies out.  Needless to say, when we lived in Chicago, I NEVER got out of that store without dropping $100!)

Ok, back to the anniversary.  Yeah.  Matt bubbled the bathroom and then went to bed.

Poor guy.

Selfishly, poor me! ha.

Oopsie.  Boston is up from his afternoon nap.  Gotta run.

We are going to a One Fit Mama event tonite.  It's the weigh in for the Fittest Mama Challenge. 

Yeah, oh sh*t is right. 

Who enjoys getting weighed in???  Ugh.

Here's a cool tidbit-the women who are in the event have lost OVER 250 pounds!!!  No, that was not a typo! 

Check it out here.