I have NO idea how anyone lived!  Seriously!  I  just got my Mac back.  Lucky and intelligent me lugged it along with a 10 month old to Kentucky for a long weekend.  Then when I got there it didn't work.  Great.  I lugged it back (along with a 10 month old) and took it to the Apple Store.  $1,000 later.  Here we are.

My poor husband.  Seriously.  He wins the Most Amazing Man of the Year award.  He has to put up with a LOT with me.  Not only did he have to pay $1,700 for my dentist visit... $1,000 for my computer... STUPID me got a speeding ticket while in Kentucky!! 

Yeah.  Needless to say - the trip was a bust.  I will admit-the first couple days were awesome.  I went to visit my BFF (i feel like such a teen writing that).  We went to a scrapbook store and I fed my obsession.  I think I may have gotten her a bit hooked too!  Then we played with the kiddies.  I love her sweet kids.  They are so wonderful.  LOUD but wonderful! ha.  Na... just kids.  Boston will be the same way, I'm sure of it!  (That is when he can talk.) 

He sure looks up to Stetson & Evie.

Thank you Mandee for taking great care of my little boy.