Ok... so I have to say I LOVE pranks!  I'm kinda notorious for doing silly things.  Sadly, I have some kind of evil side of me that enjoys getting people mad and freaked! ha. It has to be the juvenile in me.

APRIL FOOL'S is right around the corner.  For years, I got my mom on April Fools on the radio!  Sadly, not this year.  Since I'm not on the radio, I'll have to put some audio up from the past.  FUNNY stuff.  HINT** My old cohost told my mom I lost my job and was arrested for stealing prizes from the prize closet.  He calls her saying he needs money to get me out!  Pretty funny.  I'll find it and share soon.


Anyway, Here are some really fun ideas you can use on your household for the Pranksters Holiday.

((Courtesy of Family Fun.))


THE PERP: Usually a mom

THE VICTIM: Usually a dad

This trick has two variations. Let's start with the less common one, submitted by Michelle M. of Sanford, Maine. "A simple needle and thread become our tool for creating mischief," she says. "Our mission? Sew all of Dad's underpants together. This is easy enough as it requires only a few stitches at the side seams. Then they are neatly folded and placed back in his drawer."

THE REACTION: "It's fun watching him bite each pair off of the string with his teeth."

The second trick is just as good (as evidenced by the number of readers who suggested it), even if the perp might not get to see it in action. Just sew up the fly on a clean pair of underwear, make sure the victim drinks plenty of morning juice and coffee or tea, and wait. (This is especially effective if you know the victim uses large, public bathrooms, like the ones found in schools and office buildings.) The most challenging part: ensuring the victim selects the doctored pair in the morning.

THE REACTION: At best--total embarrassment. At worst--we don't even want to think about it.


THE PERPS: Dozens of readers

THE VICTIMS: Anybody trying to use the kitchen sink faucet

There are good reasons why this prank was cited by dozens of readers. It's harmless, extremely effective and a snap to pull off--in short, the quintessential April Fools' prank. The prankster need only find a rubber band, wait for a moment when the kitchen is empty, and then slip the rubber band over the sink sprayer handle so that it is stuck in the on position. Carefully aim the nozzle so that it sprays out--onto anybody who turns on the faucet.

THE REACTION: Victim won't need extra coffee to wake up


THE PERP: Nathan H., age 14, of Chandler, Arizona.

THE VICTIM: His mom, Lynne. Talk about hair-raising! On April 1, Lynne says, Nathan began complaining during dinner that his head was itching like crazy. "When I looked at his scalp, I encountered the worst case of dandruff I'd ever seen. Apparently, a friend had poured salt into his hair as a prank--and now my son was using that to pull a prank on me!"

THE REACTION: Lynne immediately instructed Nathan about the proper shampoo and scrubbing method. Nathan listened for a few moments, then burst into laughter.


THE PERPS: Molly R., age 11, and her sister, Annie, age nine, of Seattle

THE VICTIM: Their mom, Joan

Molly and her sister came up with this idea on Molly's birthday while playing with Sculpey clay in the dining room. Molly was making replicas of everything she could see when she realized she could also make miniature versions of food, such as pizza, fruit and spaghetti.

Fast-forward to the morning of April 1st, when the two sisters volunteered to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. "At first," Molly says, "Mom thought we were faking it. But after she heard the microwave go off she started believing us! After we had set the table with all our 'mini ware,' we told Mom to come to the table."

THE REACTION: "She totally cracked up!" Molly says. "Breakfast was a big hit, but Mom also loved our tiny hot dogs for lunch. I can't wait for next year!"


THE PERP: Ken T. of St. Helens, Oregon

THE VICTIMS: His family

While Ken is, according to his sister Mary, an unusually elaborate prankster, one of his simplest tricks will work anywhere. Just superglue coins to the pavement. You'll need to find a spot that is both heavily trafficked and suitable for gluing; a front sidewalk or driveway works well, though you may need to clean the surface to get the coins to stick.

THE REACTION: Broken fingernails are not out of the question.