Oh So Lucky.

So tonite I really realized how lucky I am.

As I was giving baby B a bath... I felt overwhelmed with love.

We are so lucky to have a healthy child.  So many kids deal with issues and things that cause havoc in families.  I was reading the story about how Alex's Lemonade came about.  Wow.  I couldn't even imagine how on earth I would deal life if my son had cancer.  I just wanted to cry.

So I did. 

I gave him a bath.  And watched how gorgeous he is.  It was so fun.  He LOVES taking baths!  I'm so lucky to see his eyes light up when I tell him we are going to take a bath.

After the bath, I realized... It was late.   9p.  VERY late for a 9 month old.

I gave him a baby massage and he loved it.  ((Ask for Jill if your interested.))  Yet.. he was getting fussy, ready for bed.


Then I started to put him to bed.

He didn't want to.  When I laid him in bed, he cried.  He had no desire to go to bed.

So I rocked him.

And I loved EVERY minute of it.

I'm such a lucky mom.


joey fortman

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