So last night when I got home from the show.. I was sooo excited to get back on here!  The show (Rent) was great by the way.  I loved it.  Theatre USE to be my passion.  I lived in LA for a bit.  Did a show and a touring Shakespeare group.  Granted......... I was FAT.  Have you ever been to LA???? Seriously.  Fat people are not allowed there.  Anyway... I decided to get into radio.. mainly cause it was a constant paycheck.  Ok.. so where was I going with this???  Oh yeah... Rent.  It was amazing.   There were some of the stars from the original show on Broadway.  I went with my girlfriend Jen.  She is a HUGE fan.  We actually stood outside and waited for the stars to come out!  Seriously.  Ya know... It didn't really get me going!  I guess a couple of them came out and snuck past us... but I had no idea.  She saw them though.  I didn't have a clue. 

I can't believe it's Thursday already.  Being at home sure flies by sometimes.  It was just yesterday I went to the gym!  Wait..... nope.  The last time I went was Monday.  Uh Oh.  I just called myself out.  I DEFINITELY need to go.  I'm going to have Sushi today with my former Boss.  He's awesome. 


Ok.  Here is my 'lifelesson' for today.  Teach my kids to fall down the RIGHT way.  On your butt.. and not your head.