Boston is a superstar!!

 Yeah.. My little dude was on TV this morning.  I was so excited when Deb, one of the Producers of the show asked me if I would be willing to put Boston in it.... YES!!!  (She had a baby this week too by the way.. so CONGRATS Debbie!)

Matty went into work a little later today so he could see it with me.  I was so excited!  Who cares that I'm on TV in Philly... My little superstar was on! 

I know.... every parent thinks their kid is the cutest.. as they should.  But I am sooo proud of Boston!! 

 I love that kid.... It makes my heart ache to think about it! haha.

Thanks for watching!  Later I'll post a video of Boston while he watches himself on TV.  It is sooo cute by the way!  Needless to say... he gets a 'bit sidetracked'....

Stay tuned....