So this morning I woke up to being tagged on Facebook.

When I get emails saying "You've been tagged by __ on Facebook" the first time I think of-is oh bad do I look and I wonder what it could be.

This one was the best pictures I have ever seen on facebook.  At least the most warming in my heart.

It's early...everyone in my house is still sound asleep. (In MY bed for that matter... that's another story-my kd won't sleep in his bed!!!)

I'm sitting in the dark-all but the lights on the mantle, and my gorgeous Christmas tree....

The only thing missing is a snuggie.  (JUST KIDDING).

We got our first snow fall last  night...

I sit here and I think about my family.  My childhood.  The holidays were amazing in my world...even more amazing when I was very young.  I remember my mom and her crazy decorating antics.  She would put decorations in every single corner of our house.  So much so-that she started a holiday house tour in our little town when I was in High School Marching band.. that little house tour just did it's 15th year. 

That's my momma.  I remember every Christmas getting up at like 2 or 3am running around the house waking everyone up cause Santa came! 

So... we'd all wake up and open and I'd play play play.  Gosh... Trying to remember some of my favorite gifts.  I remember getting a barbie house.  Every year I got a water globe...cause I collected them.  We got a Nintendo one year....  Bikes... dolls....

I must have been a great kid. Cause Santa use to totally hook me up. 

At least until I was a teen-that I started getting some strange things...but I digress! ha. 

I do remember something that as a child-I thought was the dumbest thing Santa could ever leave.....

But now... I get it.

My mom would always leave fruit in our stockings.  WHAT is wrong with Santa??? I always thought...

But now... I get it.

My mom left fruit because that's what she got as a kid.  When she was young, getting fruit was a delicacy.  She grew up in the country in Kentucky..and her family was poor.  Fruit was so expensive....

So what she was leaving-was bringing a tradition.

My kiddo(s) will always have fruit in their stockings.

Oh yeah- those pics on Facebook?

My childhood....

I think this was the holidays... I want to say-1983?  Carrie was just a few months old...  I was like 5 or 6 years old... and Mandy, 10 or 11?

I don't know.  I do know that we were young.. and my parents were young... Now we're in our late 20s and 30s.... 

I love my family.  I am so blessed and honored to have my parents.. on earth.. and still married after almost 40 years.

Wow. I look at this picture and the first thing I thought of was 'Wow-mom looks so beautiful!"...

Another picture my older sis posted on facebook - my mom commented saying

"Where did the time go.This is the man I fell in love with."

Here's my handsome daddy in the army.

I see where I get MY great looks.  (AND big ears for that matter! ha)