Here I am.. Friday night and it's only 9p.  My sweet little man is laying right next to me.  Watching him sleep makes my heart ache.

I know.  He looks REALLY funny! ha.  I pulled his binky out so I could really see his face-and his lips are still in the pre-binky mode! ha

I love him.  Even with poofy lips.


I have been having some really ugly dreams lately.  And I just can't stand it.  I'm not sure what the cause is....but I know I hate it.  I wake up sweating and panting-looking around for my family.

I just don't know why. 

What makes dreams happen?  And why do they say-that bad dreams usually means something good? 

So scary - yet so unsure - and strange!!!


Tomorrow I have TV... for a LONG day.  I'm starting a new Operation Skinny Butt in the morning.  Yes.. I know.  BE coNSISTENT!!! 

I was... until Oct. 9th when my good old radio job came to an end... then it got cold and Matt-my AWESOME trainer went back to school.  And his indoor gym is too far from my house.

So... I am working with The Daily Grind. 

I went on Wednesday... and needless to say-I can't sit down.. AHUM. 

Tomorrow-I'm doing a MomSpace TV seg with them... hoping that something sticks.


Night NIght...