So... here it is the Saturday after Christmas-and of course we aren't doing a thing-so while I sit here and listen to my very strange husband sing REALLY loud and REALLY bad.. while dancing with my little dude... I think it's time to reflect on our trip to Florida.

Fun Fun!

We had such an awesome time. 

Here are some of my fave pics:



We obviously didn't go anywhere... or do much-especially since we only had sun 2 of the days on our trip.

But can I tell you how much this little trip helped our family?

We have had a rough year... and now... it's winding down.  This little trip renewed us.  We hadn't left our house since we got married other than to visit family... and this was amazing.

I love my family.

I really love my husband... he knew how important this was for us-and he made sure it happened.  He is such a good man.

Thank you for creating a beautiful memory for our little family...

I love you, Matty.