Is it me, or does the holiday season seem to give you a sense of sadness?

This month.  I set out on a mission.

A mission to help other moms.  And a mission to help myself also.

Except... business is business.

I have never been known to be lazy-or not get a job done.  But for some reason... right now I feel like it.


I also think I'm emotional because today my parent's go back home.


I had a wonderful trip with my hubby in Florida... and Boston... and then come home-and my parents are in for a visit and snowed in-having a wonderful time.

Then today...

back to the real world... and I'm sad.

My parents were suppose to fly back Sunday morning-but because of the 16 inch snowstorm their flight got canceled.  They don't leave till tomorrow morning.

And that makes me sad.

Tomorrow... they leave... and I'm back to being alone... not to mention-Boston is really going to be sad.  He sure loves his Grandma and Poopaw.

I love seeing them chase after him.

I love seeing him crawl up in their lap and cuddle.

I love watching them interact with him.

It just makes my heart ache.. to be so far away from family.


I always said 'I am gonna grow up and move to a great big city!'

Be careful what you wish for......


Cause the important things in life- are the things that you can't take with you when you go.


I love you Mom & Dad. 


Your #2 Girl