Or a great holiday gift!

I arrived back from vacation in Florida to a fun surprise on my doorstep..

Those that have been here, know I do a lot of product reviews.  I am blessed to get some cool things. 

I guess spilling your guts on the world wide web has its perks! ha


Ok.. So this is what I got


It's a Photo Night Light!   I am so excited about it.

It's simple and fun-and it has a plastic (not glass, so it's safe for kids) picture with our picture attached to it.

It would be a great holiday gift for Grandmom's & Grandpops... that way they always see their kids!


And.. it's CHEAP!  (Mind you.. it does NOT look cheap!)  It's $34.95 plus tax.

You can find out more at www.PhotoNightLight.com !

Tell them you saw it on my website!

Here's what Boston thought of it: