Oh my goodness.

I really almost want to cry.

I remember in the beginning, when I was so miserable.  I hated losing me job and the thought of being a 'Stay At Home Mom' made me shiver.  I was sooo lost in it.

That now.  Today.  I can honestly say "They Were Right". 

They were right when they said-enjoy it.  The time goes so fast.

Boston is only 17 months old... and I think that.

When we got back from Chicago, he started saying "NO"-and kinding slapping at you.

Obviously... any mom or parent or person for that matter would not be thrilled with that.

So you know how I was.

I decided, ok here is the point where 'parenting' really starts to kick in. 

So from everything I have read.. and learned from books other parents was that you redirect him...and never use the word 'NO'.

But I can't honestly say I think that is totally right right now. 

So I decided to try and teach him something.  When he does something nice, I always have said "That's so nice!"  Very sweetly.

When he does something like the slap-I'd say stearnly "Boston, that is NOT nice." and hold his hand.

Now.. I thought.. how can I turn bad into good.

So I took his hand.. and said of course 'that's not nice'.. but then I'd rub his hand down my cheek and tell him 'awww that's sooo nice!" 

I did it a few times and I think its stuck.

He now does something.. that I BEGGED dreamed of my husband to do. 

Females are sensitive..and we just love the sweet little things.  Whether it's holding our hands or rubbing your hand down the side of our face.

We are suckers for affection.

And now... I get the ULTIMATE affection.

Boston comes up to me... rubs his hand down the side of my cheek.. then pulls my face with both his hands and goes "MUAH".

The kid has melted my heart.  At that moment..  I know.. he really loves me.  I know.. he needs me.  I know.. that I've TRAINED taught him well.  That means he knows how to make a Momma feel good! ha.

He's gonna be a great hubby someday. 

And if not a hubby.. a sweet, sensitive and thoughtful son. 


Geez. We are emotional.  I'm stinking starting to tear up now.


Now, if only I can teach him to pick up after himself!


Oh well.  One thing at a time.  ha.