I clicked on my site-and realized the last post I wrote-was about a silly selfish self serving handbad???!!?

BAD Joey.

That is NOT who I am...


I really am thankful for sooo many things. 

So-here is my POST Thanksgiving Thankfuls....

I am thankful for my family.

Seriously.  Could they be any more beautiful?

Look at the smily on that little boy... It's breathtaking.

Ya know.  I'm always one to really say how I feel.  I get a lot of comments because of my honesty.         Can't forget the negative comments from those that don't get it.

But that's just who I am. 

So.. I'll admit.  In case you've been stuck in an elevator (or just started reading my blog.)

I've had a really rough last year.

I went through an ugly depression that reared it's ugly head...

Now.. I've grown from it...and working towards a happier me.

But I can't help to think back on the past year..and think about my frustations...and disappointments with being a mom.  A wife. A new town. New body.

So... I'm thankful for realizing how lucky I really am.

Or.. Like my hubby said over our Turkey Day Ham Dinner - "I'm thankful for great medicine."

hahahahahah.  I had to laugh at that one.  He's right.  He's got his old wife back. 

I'm thankful.

Dad Gone It!!!  I mean it!! hahahahah.......

Thank you.