Um. So... do you ever stop by a rediculously HIGH priced store...and well DREAM about buying or getting something from there?

Yeah.  Me too.  My entire LIFE I've lived that way! ha.

So... for quite sometime now... I've stopped at the Coach store in the King Of Prussia Mall.

Yeah. I know. I'm really NOT that kind of girl.  Nor have I ever like getting nice things. LIAR

I mean.. I grew up in a log cabin for crying out loud!

But... have you ever thought to yourself... I've worked very hard my whole life.. and when did I REALLY treat myself???

Yeah.  So I've done it.

Well... long story short... Everytime someone brings up "wow-your husband took your job huh?  I mean-his station moved to your station, does that mean your out of work?"

I can either:

A) cry.

B) rip on my dear hubby.


C) Say "no big deal!  I get a handbag and a girl's trip out of it!"

My hubby always said-why do you tell people that?  And I say "What, you want me to show my sadness about losing my job and then get depressed about it????"

And he says... "Ok. I understand.  That's nice of you to make a positive out of a tense situation."

Little does he know.

I meant it! hahahahahahahahahah ((That was a seriously EVIL laugh.))

Never before have I gotten something so rediculous fabulous.

And honestly.. I DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT ONE BIT!! woohoo.



Does it match my eyes????

Wow.  And to think... I was just showing my BFF on our get together in St. Louis the bag I dream about!

And the hubby sent it to MEEEE????

Oh how thoughtful.


DISCLAIMER::::: No one was seriously injured in the making of this blog post.  But isn't that a hott handbag?


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