Ok.. So I have found this product.. well. I guess it found me cause I really wasn't 'looking for it'.

And can I tell you-it is AMAZING!!!!

My face feels like a babies butt.... Really!  Also, I can see the lovely laugh lines disappearing!


Yes.  I have had botox.  Yes. I have had it more than once.  Yes.  The last time I got it, while living in Chicago, I looked as if I was a freaky-frightening-clown!  Seriously.

I'd scrunch my eyebrows... and the only thing that moved was the ends of my eyebrows. 


I know you are dying to know what product!!  YES.  This is made with these big scientific words... made in Europe...and designed organically to remove lines and soften skin WITHOUT needles or injections!

And.. I'm a believer!


BY-the way-just so YOU know.. I am NOT getting paid for this endorsement.  I'm just sharing my 'amazing finds'... cause that's the kind of mom/friend I am!

Gotta help my sisters out!  =)

By the way-I did a segment with Verushka on Better Philly-and THAT is how I found this AWESOME stuff! 

You can see the segments on the Better Philly Pages