I have rudely been slacking on my blog posting.

Pretty wild... when I was working-I blogged everyday-and that was when I was on the radio-now-I hardly have time to brush my teeth!

I guess cause what I'm doing..or trying to do now... is a heck of a lot more work.  And totally different work.


So tonite.hubby is out with his guy friends... Mario and Luigi.  (Ok thats what I call them.)


I went to the neighbors for 3 seconds after I put B. down.  (DISCLAIMER: My neighbor's house is 10 feet from mine.  It was OK.)  She was having a little party for this woman who designs clothes down the street.

I walked in-and joined the of the mom's there was saying she was doing weight watchers...and had steamed broccolli with molly mic butter on it.

Um.  Good for her!

She's stinking crazy skinny now anyway. 

If you know me.. you KNOW I have absolutely HORRIBLE self esteem issues... I've had them my whole life-but right now is the worst.

I lost a rediculous amount of weight in 2000... and kept it ALL OFF till the DAY I found out I was pregnant.

In other words... I ate the house-and everything in it.  I was told 'oh-you deserve it-just breastfeed-it's drop off'.

Where are those bitches that told me that now????

SKINNY... cause it WORKED for them.

Me?  Not so much.

Yeah.  I'm FAR from where I was before.  I mean FAR.

Anyway... I'm giving you the long long long story.  Sorry.

So my friend has this amazing blog that I follow.

She had the best post ever....


Operation Beautiful: I love this message. LOVE IT.

I left a post-it note on the inside door of the bathroom stall today. It read "U R BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING".  What will you post today??

Go to right this minute. You will truly be inspired.

Caitlin is the brilliant woman behind this extraordinary "Operation Smile" campaign. Her blog, is one that I visit several times a day. GO CAITLIN!



Ok.  She's right.  I posted my note today- What did your's say?