I have been sooo slacking lately on my photo taking-scrapbooking-etc.

I have to blame it on going back to work.  I use to stop and do something everday before... now- I NEVER get the chance!


I made my sister a cute scrapbook for her new baby... But if you're a scrapbooker, you know its 10x easier to scrap something when you don't have to put pics in it! ha.  I have a vision and can fly through them!  But when I have my own-I get a roadblock going.. Oh man-not sure which pic to pick!


So.. I JUST downloaded the pics from our 24 hour wirlwind trip to Ocean City.

Here are a few. 

**Note.. you WON'T see any of me.  I wanted to throw up when I saw myself in these pics.  UGH. 




Ok. Fine. I'll post ONE... where I'm hiding behind a horse! hahaha.  I loved that boy.