Ok.. so lately, if you've been following my blog-you know that I've gotten this insane desire to read.  Yes. Read.  I haven't read anything since... gee.. The Babysitter's Club!!  Yeah.  That long.  I don't even think I read in college.  That's a whole nother story.  Sorry if you're a former teacher reading this.  It really wasn't your fault.  It was all mine!

So.. After I heard about the controvery-I decided I wanted to buy the book and see for myself.

She was on Oprah and every talk show in America telling her story.  I saw her on The Today Show and heard her story.  I just couldn't imagine how someone could have to endure such a tramatic life. 

I remember watching her in One Day at a Time.  I have to admit.  I was such a bigger fan of Valerie Bertinelli.  She was way more loveable.  Maybe because Mackenzie's roll was more of a trouble maker.  And at that time I was just a kid....

Well-I read the book.  And I read the ENTIRE thing.  Within, like a week!  Who does that?  Well.. most can do it in a night or two. but I was a newbie.  Needless to say-I believe everything she had to say was true.  I believe she really had to grow up in such a sick and unfair way.  She had a rough life.  All because of fame.  And growing up in fame.  Noooo thank you.  Glad I grew up in a log cabin in a town with like 5,000 and a graduating class of like 120!!!

After reading that.  I thought. hmm.  These child actors weren't so picture perfect after all.  I mean.. I kinda knew that.  Just by watching them today. 

I started following a child star that I TOTALLY loved growing up to on Twitter. 

Besides The Wizard of Oz, The Little House on the Prairie was my absolute fave! 

I remember the little house on church street.. where I use to sit in the living room in front of the big boxed TV.  Member those?  They sat on the floor and took 10 people to move?? Yeah.  I sat directly in front of it when Laura Ingalls Wilder took center stage. 

I always felt like I was her.  I was her and Harriet Olsen was my evil cousin Laura. ((To this day- Laura and I are great friends!!  She was just an arched rival as kids!  xoxoxo Love you Laura! haha.))

Anyway.  I felt I was Half Pint. 

Geez.  This is turning into a book!

Speaking of book.  I am now reading her book.

Melissa Gilbert. 


Something about the rise and fall of child actors I think that has me going.

Anyway... I found myself back in my youth tonite while being engulfed in her youth.

Then it dawned on me.

On more than one occasion.. I've had people tell me I should write a book.  I mean even my THERAPIST has mentioned it.  I guess I have never thought about the really cool things I've experienced being in the radio and TV business.  To me... it was a great time and 'cool' in the beginning.  And now-it's a career.  It's all I know.  It's all I've ever done.  It's great.. but the glamorous side isn't really there anymore.  That's what it was like in my 20s. 

Anyway.  I guess what I'm trying to say.  Is maybe I'll write a book.  Maybe. 

Of course... I'd start out with begging my mom to name my new little sis after the curly haired cute girl who always spent time with her grandma that was our neighbor. 

To the time my mom's friend's daughter-who lived behind us scared the sh*t out of me when she chased me around the neighborhood with a knife covered with catsup saying she was going to eat me... and my evil older sister playing along.   Ew.  That one was mean.

Or the time I convinced my mom I was 'sick' and got to stay home from kindergarten and I ran across the street to the girls who lived there just to dip my stick in their puddle.. which led to me inches from being run over!  Shew.  That sent me back to school.

Or the time my older sister had me convinced I was adopted from gypsies.  ((Yeah.  She was the devil growing up..))

Speaking of the devil.  My mom use to let her cut my hair!!  MULLETT history. 


And that was just all in the first 5 years of life...

I guess I could write a book.  But I wonder if anyone would read it.

If not.  It at least would be a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy.

Ok-back to reading of Half Pint.  It's starting to get good.  She's hitting puberty.

((Oh yeah.  That's a great story my mother would LOVE to share.  Trust me.  She told EVERY BOY I ever brought home FOR THE FIRST TIME that story.  Ugh.))