So we decided to get out of the house yesterday...much needed after a RAINY Saturday. 

We went to Merry Mead Pumpkin Patch.

Needless to say, I think ALL of Philadelphia decided to do the same thing!!


We waited in traffic for freakin' an hour!!  Boston was soooo good though.  We were very proud of him.

We got there and it was pretty worth it to see his excitement!

Last year-I was so bummed cause he was sooo NOT into it!


This year...  he wasn't too sure in the beginning...


But after a little time... He was loving the attention and the bright pumpkins!


He sure loves his daddy...

Ya know.. I just noticed he got smushy ear in that one.HA.

 I took this before we left.  This is my house decor!

Can't forget my favorite pic of the weekend.



Thanks for letting me share my special weekend with you.  It sure brings smiles to my face when smiles sure are needed...