I can't believe it's a week away!

I feel so bad... I got so busy working-the getting canned-I haven't bought "B" a costume yet!!

We went into one costume store a little while back... and he got freaked out.

I don't really understand it.  Who on earth created the ghoulish, sick and scary idea of Halloween?

I know.  Just google it.

Anyway... I will never put sick and scary stuff out.  Granted I have some skulls, old witch legs and a guy that scares the neighbor kids... but oh well.  There's no blood and severed hands, ya know?  ha


Ok.  So I'm slightly torn about what to dress Boston up as this year.

Granted-last year-his first Halloween-I had 4 different outfits!!

This was last year:


I seriously can't help myself laughing out loud this morning.  That poor kid!  Is that what's going to happen to him now that I'm home again???? ha.

What a great way to put a smile on my face this morning.  I sure took a zillion pics of his first year of life.  He deserves it. Little stinker. 

I can't help but feel warm inside... knowing that I got to enjoy all of his firsts.

But one thing I didn't.  His first steps.  Matt did.  When he picked him up from daycare.

I cried.. knowing I missed it because I went back to work.

Pretty bittersweet ya know.

Ok.. back to Halloween.

I'm thinking... either a BABY Joey! 

((That would be a KANGAROO-FYI))


Or dressing him and daddy up as:


What do you think???