Or is it Mr. Noodle?

Yeah. I watch Elmo.  Boston loves it.  But for the life of me. I can't figure it out!


Ok... so I haven't posted in a could days.  Here I am.  3:30am and I'm thinking about you.

What the????  What it wrong with me not sleeping at night???

I think it's the nerves.  I sure hope it is.


Or............ It's cause i don't want to think and I've pushed off thinking LONG enough.

My stomach hurts.

Not to mention, my heart hurts more.


Today i took my son and hubby to the airport... This is the first time they have traveled without me.  BIG bummer.  But yet..scary and sad for me.


I love my bubbas.

Ya know.  Now I'm tired.  Time to go night night.