Grilled Cheezus

Why yes.  You can honestly say that they have officially DONE IT ALL. haha

There is a product on the market, that we got to review in our house, that is all about the big "J". 

In a grilled cheese. 

A tasty one at that. 

AND an AWESOME conversation piece!!

The Grilled Cheesus  sandwich press is available in stores and online for about $40.

You're kids' will love you for it.

Everyone needs a little CHEEZUS in thier life, ya know?  =)

Woozworld: Your Virtual World & Social Network

A new social network has hit the virtual world. Woozworld is an unique virtual world and social network for tweens and teens. It’s completely free to join and super easy to play!


Once you create an avatar, you can start building your limitless world and create your own look. Hang-out and meet new friends! Design your place, be a trendsetter, throw parties! You can even run your own business. 

Saftey is really important to the creators of Woozworld. It has the highest standards in terms of online safety. Their top priority? Keeping your child safe and respecting their privacy. Woozworld is fully COPPA compliant and participates in the PRIVO® Privacy Assurance Program. Woozworld is also a browser-based virtual world so no downloads are required.

Woozworld also has a chat tool that is safe and supervised. It only allows pre-approved words and is powered by the cutting edge CRISP Thinking™ technology. Woozworld is patrolled by an experienced team of moderators that ensure you child’s safety. All players have to accept and follow the strict Code of Conduct.

Woozworld is on top of their game safety-wise!

Try it our for yourself. Join Woozworld, make your own avatar, play around by making your own world, and see for yourself!

Celebrate Mother's Day with Vera Bradley Baby

Mother's Day is coming up fast (this weekend in case you needed a reminder!). If you are still looking for the perfect gift for that special Mom in your life, Vera Bradley has you covered. 

Vera Bradley has recently launched their very firt Vera Bradley Baby Line to much excitement and buzz! The new collection is full of goodies for both mom and baby. You can count on Vera Bradley to make everyday baby needs fashionable and convenient.

Shopping for Mom? Choose from a number of diaper bags of all versatile shapes and sizes, in addition to stylish changing pad clutchs, receiving blankets, hooded towels, pacifier pouches, and baby bottle caddys.

Vera didn't leave baby out! Match baby to mom with fashion pieces including adorable onsies, dresses and bloomers, bib, Mary Jane Soft Shoes and Baby Socks. 


Other adorable items that are the perfect gift included stuffed bunnies and bears, the Bunny and Bear Book for baby and the Lil' Piggy Bank. 


All items are available at and range in prince from $8-$150. Perfect for any price point!


Doodle Your Day Book Review

Doodle Your Day Book Review


Came across this book and just LOVE IT!  

It's really a great gift idea for kids of all ages!  There are some fun doodle prompts in there to give your kids the opportunity to think outside the book. (Pun intended. lol)

I love books like this.  365 ways for kids' to doodle and document their day away!

Disposable Bottles called Steri-Bottles

Wow!  Wish they had these when Boston was little.

Maybe they did-but I didn't know about them!!  I had my girlfriend try out these disposable bottles.  They are BPA free and totally make life for 'moms on the run' a lot easier!  They are called Steri-Bottles. 

These bottles were first sold in England and are most recently sold in the U.S. 

I've always LOVED the take and toss plastic cups for their convenience and these are great for bottles!  My girlfriend loved them.  She begged me to get more! ha.  She said they are easy to assemble and her baby took to them right away.

You can buy these at BabiesRUs.


eZoom by Securus

Keeping Track of Kids

I love Halloween.  It's always a fun time in our neighborhood.  We have a little pizza party on our cul de sac then hit the pavement to load up on sugary treats.

As my son gets older - I often wonder when I'm going to let him go 'trick or treating' with the neighborhood kids alone.  Eh... not sure yet.  Afterall he is only 4.  I mean, maybe if they have an escort but I feel like I need some piece of mind.

Recently I was sent a product for review that really got me thinking.  I never let me kid play in the neighborhood or even in our circle alone.  I have to be outside with him or my  husband at all times.  We just live by those rules.  

The product is called eZoom and its through Securus.  

What's great about this product is that I feel like 'Momgyver'!  (Remember McGyver show?  Yeah.)

It's a small tracking device that you can throw in your kids pocket or even their loot bag.  And you can clearly see exactly where they are and where they are going!  

Not that I think I need to be all sneaky on him... but there is a definite piece of mind about knowing where they are!  Kind of like the 'Find my iPhone app'.  I never use the app-but the piece of mind is golden! lol 

And it works!  GREAT!

You can track online and on your mobile.  It's useful for so many things.  Not just the kids. lol.  Cars, bikes... you name it!  And if you use it for something that requires insurance, there is a good chance that you can get a discount on your insurance for doing so!

There is an alert button on the device that can alert you immediately and notifies you of their location.  You can also create 'safe spots' like their school or park and if your child leaves that spot you get alerts for it!  Talk about TOTAL peace of mind!!

Details on eZoom Tracking and Safety Locator

*$99 for the actual device

*$14 for the protective case

*Approx. $250 a year activation fee (includes activation)

PERSONAL OPINION:  Now, i would definitely buy the device, but the service charges are about $100 past my budget per year.  

What do you do to keep track of your kids?






Have you ever worn shoes that as you stomped along though-UGH-if only I had worn flats cause I'm dying here?!?!?!


I know that feeling. FAR more often that I care to admit! haha

I remember the very first time I went to NYC.  And I wore HEALS FROM HELL!!

And now?  Lesson learned. lol I thought I was going to die.  I'd have loved to cute my feet off after that trip!  Ugh.


These are great shoes that can be used for so many occasions.  Prices for the CAMiLEON HEELS run from $99-$139. 

I was sent a pair for review but unfortunately they didn't fit.  I want to say the sizes run a bit on the small size. (I'm a 9 and my mega toes were too giant to fit.)

You can take the heel from 3 1/4" down to 1 1/2" heels.

I'll come back and share with you how the look and feel when I get to hit the streets with my own pair!

Do you own them?  What is your favorite design?


iPad Case & Blue Bird Clutch

If you've never been to the website Uncommon Goods, then PREPARE YOURSELF! =)


This site has some of the coolest of all things ever.  Things you just don't find really anywhere else.  


The sent me this awesome iPad case (see all here) to review that was made out of an old Mailbag.  And I LOVE IT!  My son has his iPad all safe and secure but mine just flys around the house.  (Yes he's spoiled and yes mine has been cracked before.  Sigh)  So now it's nice to have it in a SAFER place.  Cute and trendy doesn't hurt either!  The iPad case costs $55. 


The little clutch is felt and so much fun.  It's great with summer colors but warm and cozy for winter, spring and fall too! It costs $32


Uncommon Goods has some great (like these!) a
and (like these!)  You MUST check them out!  


Happy Shopping!



Pocket Purifier

Pocket Purifier

How many times have you found yourself grossed out when your kids bring home their lunch boxes and you think "GERMS!!!"

Since I've become a mom I've found myself to be 1,000 times more anal aware of germs with my kid.

I also get freaked out when we travel or when I stay in hotels. And that is OFTEN in my world.  

This very cool product actually kills germs from the same UV-C light used to sterilize surgical instruments to elimnate 99.9% of germs that cause colds, flu, e-coli, salmonella, mold, fungus and MRSA staph!!!

EWWW.  Are you TOTALLY grossed out now?  I know I am.

Heck.  I just slather on disenfectant this is the HARD CORE killer of those nasty germs.

The Purely Products Pocket Purifier retails for $19.99 and is available in black and pink. For more information or to purchase the Pocket Purifier, please visit

Gelaskins: Macbook Pro

Gelaskins: Macbook Pro

I bet its been a few years, but I once did a review for Gelaskins on a slick for my iphone and LOVED it.

I got so many compliments on that great conversation piece!

Gelaskins reached out to me again to do another review and since I no longer have that old iphone-I JUMPED on the opportunity!

This time I wanted to put my company logo on it & get one for my laptop.

My Macbook Pro is only a year old and is totally struggling with scratches from being drug all over the countryside!!

I got this in the mail and quickly peeled it and added it to my computer. 

LOVE!  I of course had to put a couple fun images of my little dude.  

I'm a bit disappointed because I didn't look at the pixel quality with the leftside image... but it's not too bad.  

I love these things.  I need to spend some serious cash on their site wrapping up all of our electronics with style.

Check out Gelaskins for yourself.


Does your kid have allergies?

You totally have to check out these very cool products!

I'm totally blessed with a very healthy kid.  But I can't even imagine the scare that comes about if they didn't have something like these!

I have to give them huge kudos on their creativity!  They use their characters soo well!  LOVE the Peanut Guy. =)



Allermates are an award winning line of colorful allergy awareness dog tags and adjustbable wristbands featuring original cartoon characters.  Perfect for school, daycare, babysitters, sleepovers and playdates.. the AllerMates are armed and ready to help identify and protect kids with allergies. Waterproof and hypo-allergenic.




VERY cool idea!  You know how you buy things that you don't end up liking and wish that you could have bought it in a 'trial size'?

Well BLUUM does just that for you!

You can purchase a one time box or a subscription and they scour the Earth the find the best of the best in products and gets them to you in a 'trial' basis.  AWESOME, right?

The subscriptions start at about $11 a month.  Think about what an awesome baby gift that would be?!?!  A gift that they think of you everytime it arrives!

Here's what the BLUUM website says:

a bundle of joy in every box

  • discover 4-5 baby care and mom wellness samples to pamper you and your baby
  • bluum's curated monthly box themes make discovering new products fun
  • each month's selection stays a secret until your box arrives

Bear Haven Boutique

I am the complete JERK. Yep.  That's me!

I've been meaning to share this AMAZING and gorgeous fun find forever!!!

And until tonite when my son said 'Don't forget to kiss Super B good night too' that I realized I'm soooo freaking behind.  Ugh.

So, a few months back...Lesa-my friend from Bear Haven Boutique sent me this adorable package where I can build a - ahem - bear - with a family member did I say 'I TOTALLY have to put this in my fun finds!'

Lesa has this awesome NON COMMERCIALIZED ahem - Build a Bear - company where she can help you give some outstanding and adorable gifts......

You can have a birthday party at YOUR HOUSE where your guests can make gifts...and so much more!  It doesn't have to be commercialized.  It can be small. Local. Loved. And filled with fun!

I'm not gonna sugarcoat and lie on this.  Boston and I have not even made this adorable bear yet.  BUT-he gets so many amazing toys-I wanted to save this one.  I thought about giving it to him for Christmas...then realized that Easter is sooooo underplayed at our house.

So, we're going to give it to him then.  It also comes with a very special little plus word.  One that can help in creating words for a lifetime.....

And hopefully for Boston, COURAGE leads the way for a long time to come......

Hopefully you can find the courage to do something out of the ordinary.

We'd love to hear about it!  

What did you do?

Butch and Harold Stickr Pockets

Butch & Harold

Stickr Pockets

This company has some of the funnest finds around!  There are often times that long for something simple to just change up my walls in my house a bit. 

You know, give it some life!  And this company, named after two childhood dogs that these 2 sisters grew up with, is all about simple.  Fun.

They sale all kinds of stickr stuff from trains to frames.  

I personally like the frames ones best but they sent me the pockets to review.  

For about $15 you've got a simple place to stuff some of your stuff!  A good way to organize fun things or momentos.   

Tiny Prints Address Labels

Tiny Prints Address Labels

This year has been the year of Tiny Prints in my house!  Really!  It started with our holiday cards.  And they were a huge hit.  Then, it was the Valentine's Day Cards with Boston in them.  They were even a BIGGER hit!  (I still get people randomly mentioning that they love our cards and I always tell them where they can get the cutest cards ever!)

My house tries really hard to send out thank-you cards for everything we get.  From presents, to visits, to just because.  And I don't know about you-but I can't STAND filling in the 'return address' portion!  ((Sigh))  It's just a pain.  Laziness I guess. 

But after searching the Address labels from Tiny Prints I can now not feel guilty anymore for being lazy! hahah.  They have some super cool address labels.  How many of you know someone graduating this spring?  They have some awesome graduation address labels that would make an awesome little addition to the card and money you usually give grads.  It makes their 'thank yous' easier and you'll feel great when they use YOUR gift to thank everyone, right?  =)

I've picked out about 15 different I just gotta pick one.  Well...maybe two.  One for my family and one for my business!  LOVE it!

Be sure to catch up with them on Facebook, Twitter & even Pinterest!




Teamson Sunny Safari Bookshelf


Teamson Sunny Safari Bookshelf

I was sent this super adorable bookshelf from Teamson to review.  

It's very cute and fun for any boy or girls' bedrooms!  I picked the Sunny Safari because I have an obsession with safari stuff! ha  

Teamson makes gorgeous kids furniture from bookshelves to toy boxes to even prince and princess castles!

Check out my video review of the bookshelf:

Teddy Needs a Bath Review

Teddy Needs a Bath Review

This is a super BRILLIANT idea.  A mom (of course....we always think of the cool things. lol) created a great product in which you can give your kids stuffed animals a bath!

Just put it in this bag-zip it up-wash-dry-rock-n-roll!

Boston loved snuggling with his bears afterwards.

 Check them out at

2 BINKIES up in our house!  =)

NiNi Toy Bungee, Crayon Bungee & NiNi Paci Bungee

NiNi Toy Bungee

Toy Bungee is a multi use strap, designed to keep baby/toddler toys, cups, and bottles from falling to the floor.

Toy Bungee`s child resistant button design means peace of mind for parents while baby or toddler drinks or plays comfortably.

Great for use in strollers, car seats, high chairs, airplanes and more!

Product Features:

  • Child resistant button design means small fingers can`t unbutton the strap
  • Clip in the middle allows you to leave the strap anchored to your favorite objects, such as a stroller or car seat, while easily removing the part of the strap attached to the cup, bottle or toy
  • Award winning design
  • Universal fit to toys, bottle and cups
  • Easily hand washable in warm soapy water
  • Non‐toxic, including BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate free
  • Available in a variety of chic & modern designs matching the Paci Bungee

NiNi Crayon Bungee

Crayon Bungee is a colorful, functional, portable, durable, non-toxic tether strap that is designed to keep crayons from rolling or dropping to the floor.

Crayon Bungee brings a new fun factor to coloring, while keeping the crayons nearby. Just twist in the included crayons, and anchor the strap. Functional, educational, chic, safe and fun - all in one!

Great for use in restaurants, airplanes, highchairs, and more!

Product Features

  • Two ways to anchor tether using either suction cup for table tops, or looping strap for other surfaces. Crayons fit snugly, limiting removal by toddlers. Holds 3 standard crayons (included)
  • Clasp feature allows altering between suction cup and strap anchors while keeping crayons attached to tether. Anchors also attach to Toy Bungee toy and cup tether
  • Vinyl package can be used as a carrying pouch
  • Easily hand washable in warm soapy water
  • Non‐toxic, including BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate free

NiNi Paci Bungee

Paci Bungee is a durable and ultra modern strap designed to keep baby/toddler pacifiers from falling to the floor.

Great for use in strollers, car seats, high chairs, airplanes and more!

Product Features

  • Universal fit to all pacifiers
  • Velcro-free
  • Highly durable clasp for a firm grip without damaging baby’s clothes
  • Non-porous design allows for easy hand washing in warm soapy water
  • Non‐toxic, including BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate free
  • Available in a variety of chic & modern designs matching the Toy Bungee
  • Pacifier is not included


These NiNi Bungee's are absolutely the neatest invention. I finally don't have to bend over 15 times at a restaurant because Boston drops his crayons! And I know every mom gets frustrated when a toy magically disappears at the mall, and if you have a little one, you won't have to constantly wash off your baby's pacifier. Woohoo! Purchase your NiNi products for you or as a gift for a friend here:

Jake and the Neverland Pirates-Disney Junior

Jake and the Neverland Pirates 

Ok-new show in our house!!  Jake and the Neverland Pirates!


My 3 year old never watches Disney Junior.  Can't tell a lie!  But we're now big fans.  


Another 'can't tell a lie' but there are so many kiddie shows out there that you just want to snore over.  Or you wonder 'how can that be entertaining to kids?!?!?  But after watching Jake and his little friends-I can tell you that this isn't one of 'those shows'.  There are characters from classic 'Peter Pan' so for some the show might be nastalgic!!  It has actually become the #1 series for boys 2-5 on Disney Junior!  THAT awesome of a show I tell ya! ha


We got to review the DVD and he loved it!  You can catch the actual show on Fridays at 8:30 ET.  Get caught up on your fave episodes at


The show is a modern day pirate play!  Since we're in the holiday season-I gotta share their holiday show!  It's called "It's A Winter Never Land - Hook On Ice" and it airs on December 2nd.  


*And if you are begging for more Disney Junior programming-good news...they are going to 24 hr programming in early 2012!

There's no party like a Disney party that's for sure!

We've never been to Disney.  But this show is creating meaningful characters that my 3 year old is sure to love when we do get to Disney!

 DISCLOSURE: We got a fun prize pack with Mickey Ears, a couple Disney T-Shirts, Jake & the Neverland Pirates DVD and more.  But that did NOT buy my opinion of the show.  =)  Still loved it.

Pedestal Pets

Pedestal Pets

Pedestal Pets® is a new educational toy that combines learning with fun! Each series includes 4 animal pencil toppers, 4 coordinating pencils and 4 fun fact trading cards! You can also name your pets and print out coloring pages on this website!


They currently offer 3 collections: Neighborhood, Barnyard and Safari Friends. Scroll down to see them all!

*Created by a Pennsylvania mom after her daughter fell in love with the pencil toppers found in vending machines.  She thought-why not create them on pencils and make it a fun trading event!