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Michael Jackson The Experience XBox 360 Kinect

Everyone has at least ONE Michael Jackson song they love, right?  Well now you can jam the day away with this fab new much anticipated game!


After enjoying chart-topping success on Wii, Ubisoft's Michael Jackson: The Experience moonwalks over to the motion-sensing Kinect and PlayStation Move peripherals. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions offer ability to sing as well as dance, allowing users to create the complete concert experience. Other key features are specific to each platform. Kinect owners, for example, can see themselves directly within the game, with body motion tracking that lets players act like the former King of Pop across a number of music video-inspired environments. Both co-op and competitive modes are included for up to four players, and there are multiple difficulty settings as well as a practice mode. In addition to the soundtrack from the Wii version, the Xbox 360 game includes a number of exclusive tracks, from "Blood on the Dance Floor" to "I Just Can't Stop Loving You." ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide

Michael Jackson The Experience


Personalized SnickeyI love teh tagline for this product!  "It's not a scarf, it's not a dickey-it's a snickey!"

Created with Mothers In Mind, Christine created the Snickey because she didn't want to use scarves after hearing of the dangers of them being choking hazards. 

I honestly never thought about that.  That is scary! 

There are many fun patterns and the Snicky does not discriminate!  Good for kids, parents, grandparents... everyone!

The retail value for the snickey is around $17.  $22 if you want them personalized.

Christine, the mom-ventor is adorable.  She even made a video on how to wear your Snickey!


EzShade by Solar Eclipz

Yep!  Summer is RIGHT around the corner!!  And if you're like me-I say bring it on. 

We are about an hour from the Jersey Shore. (And NO not the shore location where Snooki & her posse chills. haha)

Going to the beach can be fun but dangerous at the same time.

The sun can be so dangerous! 

The ezShades are compact and created by a mom who was tired of chasing the shade under her portable umbrella!  I hate that too.  Total pain.  The ezShade has a UPF 50+ rating.  That's blocking 99% of both UVA & UVB rays.

They are lightweight and easy to carry around.  They are endorse by the melanoma International Foundation.

Retail Value: around $40 for the canopy shade & $25 for the umbrella shade.

Toy Bungee Review

This is a very cool project and it really fits a wide range of ages in kids.  I love how moms come up with so many great products to lighten our 'mom load'!

The Toy Bungee was created by a mom who had a 1 & 2 year old and was TIRED of the throwing game!

She's one smart mom.

The Bungee is great to strollers, highchairs, car seats, on the airplane - really anywhere!

I don't know how many times I took my kid shopping and he dropped his toy out of the stroller and I didn't realize it.  There goes that toy.  Forever. 

Bring on the Bungee!

Retail value around $10.  Get it at Amazon


Aqueduck faucet extender

Aqueduck Faucet ExtenderWow.  What a brilliant idea! I love getting fun products invented by moms.  Not that I don't think dad could do it-but I know picking up my kid a zillion times to wash his hands get to be a pain!

Check out the Aqueduck.  It's sold online at Amazon: Aqueduck Bathroom Faucet Extender - Aqua

Retail value is around $20.

Here's my honest review.  Pros?  Don't break your back trying to pick your kiddo up to clean their hands. 

Cons?  It's only for the bathroom sink.  We do most of hand washing in the kitchen. 

Pros?  Adorable & catchy name and logo.

DISCLOSURE:  I was provided the Aqueduck from Mom Spark Media.  Thoughts are my own.




BottlePops & Rattlers

My kid is a SUCKER. Really.  Yes. We STILL have the binky.  And yes. I know he's too old.  And yes. I'm working on that one. ha

But, in the meantime I enjoy taking him to this local candy store in Philly.  It's actually in Conshohocken.  And I know going in-that I'm gonna eat more than him.  But I also know exactly where he's heading when he gets in the door!

This kid LOVES BottlePops.  A TON.  The folkd at Bottle Pop sent me a few of them and well. I have a VERY HAPPY little boy.  They have Rattlerz out now-which I didn't know about before.  They're awesome!

Big fan in our house.

If you haven't heard of them-head to their interactive website to have fun & learn more!


Miracle Gro Kids - Mini Greenhouse

We live in a townhome so finding a secure place in the back yard to grow any goodies is virtually impossible!

I've always wanted to plant tomatoes but never got around to it. 

I remember my mom growing a garden as a kid.  And I honestly never thought about doing one with Boston since we don't have a backyard.

But now?  I can do it in the kitchen! Wahoo!

My friends with Miracle-Gro kids sent me this absolutely adorabe mini greenhouse kit to make sweet pepper.  Yum. My favorite!

It's technically not for kids under 5-but I think Boston is a 'mature' 2 1/2 year old.  Besides.... I'm going to have it on the counter so it's not like he's gonna eat it!  (I worry more about the dog that the kid! hahaha

Ok-we'll keep you posted on our growth!

Have you ever done this with your kids?

Disclosure:  These products brought to you by Miracle-Gro® Kids Gardening Sets by Peachtree Playthings®.  They are intended for children 5 years & up.

Kiddie Catch All

This is a cute idea.  And KUDOS to a smart, savvy mom to create it!

The Kiddie Catch - ALL. 

We got a couple to review and so far so good!

They sure 'catch all'.

Click on the link to get more info!


Shutterfly Holiday Cards

I tend to do this every single year.  And this year-by gosh I'M NOT GONNA DO IT! LOL.  That would be wait till the last minute to get our holiday card and letter out. 

Yeah I know.  I'm bad.  I mean, I USE to scrapbook them-but life as a mom makes scrapbooking for me pretty laughable. 

holiday cards

There isn't anything wrong with the thin 'picturelike' Holiday cards that you get at a convenience store...but I always like to have mine with some 'substance'.

Every year I look online for cards...and thankfully this year BEFORE NOVEMBER even, I got it covered!

I've found some awesome cards to choose from with Shutterfly!



Yet. I'm TOTALLY struggling on which card to pick!!! UGH!!!

I know I want one that I can put a photo on it...cause that's how we do it.  =)  Gotta be proud of my boy! lol

holiday photo cards

There are so many to choose from. Which is a great thing if you're picky.  But someone like me?!?!  Hmpf.  All I know is that I'm THRILLED I don't have to scrapbook them this year.!.!>!>!>!> hahaha.

Like the evil Santa, I'm cackling.  Hm. 

Which one did you pick?  Did you order yours from Shutterfly?

What style is your fave?  I NEED HELP! LOL.

Happy Early Holidays...Oh how I love the holidays.

And if you happen to be like me EVERY year and be a late person....go for the New Year's card instead!!!

New Year’s cards

xoxoxox Joey



Do you want 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly? Click here to go to Shutterfly for information on how you can get 50 free cards this holiday season, and make sure to select Clever 1000 as the referral source.

This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Expressionary Special Day

Expressionary is a fun website with different items where you can 'express your style in print'.

There really are a lot of websites out there now with customization opportunities-but this one is really one of the best.

I'm big on what the site looks like. 

This site is clean and really interested in their products.

I'm big into fun and bright products...and this site has it!

They sent me a plate in the mail and it was a much needed surprise on the crazy day I was having!

So, if you were to send someone something 'special' and random...this plate is a good idea.  =)

It's not glass-which is nice.  It's melamine. 

If there was one thing I would do different-I would wish it was microwave safe.  Just cause it's a GREAT plate for casual dinner (instead of OUR FAMILY rituals of PAPER plates! ha)

Check them out at

DISCLOSURE:  I am a member of the Expressionary Community Panel and I recieve goodies from them time to time.  They are as always my honest opinions.

Perfect Timing for a Sweet Moment

I got something in the mail that makes me happy.  No.  It's not a pair of Jimmy Choo's or a Marc Jacobs handbag.  It is pretty sweet though!  I desperately need a sweet moment.  My kid is driving me nuts.  I have a two year old.  And my buttons have been pushed to the limit.  And... it's only 8am. hahaha. Naw.  He's a great kid.  I'm just looking for an excuse to have a 'me moment' ok?  =)

So last night, I took my super - sweet bath goodies sent to me by Pillsbury and took a 4 hour nice calming bath.  They were awesome.  Although I wanted to eat my bathtub with the smell....

I got a coupon to try out the Sweet Moments Molten Lava Brownie too to satisfy my sweet tooth.

You know what came next. 

I popped that baby in the microwave and in 15 seconds I had a tasty brownie.  Best satisfied AND was only 60 calories!!!


DISCLOSURE:  Pillsbury provided me with this sweet product through MyBlogSpark.  It really is tasty and sweet though.  My reviews are my opinions.

Pillsbury provided you withPillsbury provided you with the free product, information, and prize pack through MyBlogSpark. the free product, information, and prize pack through MyBlogSpark.

Mommy Messages

I can remember as a kid absolutely loving to get little sweet messages from my mom.  Whether it be on the table with my Valentine's Card or just a random 'Have a good day-I love you-Mom.'

I really think that's what has been stripped of kids today.  We (myself included) are so wrapped up in email, facebook, twitter and all things techy that we've seem to have lost that little 'loving touch'. 

That's what these two mompreneurs thought too.  They are two sisters who have done something about it.

Mommy's Messages are a great way to show your kids you love them!  They are these cute little lunchbox love notes. 

They are smaller than gift card size cards and each package you buy comes with 5 little cars. 

For instance, we have a beagle-sharpei I of course ahd the linking for the shar-pei cards! 

In the pack of 5 they each have a different saying & meaning.  The inside of the puppy card says 'Don't Worry Be Happy!' Plus many others to choose from.

If you don't have kids-get some for a friend!  Or...just buy a ton up (they are about $3 for a pack of 5) and use them for housewarming gifts-hostess gifts.. you name it.


DISCLOSURE:  I was given cute little messages to assist in this review.  All opinions are my own.


Pura is a very cool stainless steel drinking bottle.

They have now branched out to a children's line!

Pura Kiki ((Found HERE)) is the 'safe modern feeding system for infants & toddlers'.

I was sent a pink one for review-and since I have a boy-I gave it to my girlfriend to check out. And.. she LOVES it.  I never thought of a bottle, nipple & all-but in a stainless drinking system!  It's an awesome product to check out!

Shutterfly Review & Coupon Code

Pictures mean a million words.  I'm the absolute worst at taking 2,000 pictures and oh so afraid to delete them!  You should see my scrapbook room.  Yeah.  There are zillions of pictures in there.  Not to mention I'm so late at scrapping them!!!  Pretty bad...but this winter I'm hoping to kick that hobby into high gear and catch up.  At least

DadGear Diaper Duty

If your husband is a 'guy's guy' like mine...he likely refuses to use your flowery diaper bag.

Got the perfect answer for you!

DadGear!!!  It totally rocks.

I found DadGear when I was

Eat Cleaner

I have really been trying to incorporate MORE fruits and veggies in MY life and have taken quite a liking to apples.  Mainly because of the program that I was on-I had apples running out my ears.  Thankfully, I still love them! lol  One thing that bothered me about them was the thought that a zillion people have touched my apple before it hit my mouth.  EWWWW.

So I was actually WASHING them with soap and water. Double Ew.  I never had that 'soap taste' but still.  Soap and water?? There has to be a better way.

I was reading my Parenting Mag one day and came across these.  Eat Cleaner was considered a 'must have' in the mag-so I checked it out. 


I got the 'on the go' small pack and have run out of them...IN DAYS.  They are perfect for cleaning apples or any other fruit / veggie that you like to just crunch on.

Even better... they are invented by a college professor and his daughter; who is a mother of 2! 

AMERICAN INVENTED.  My daddy approves.

As do I! 

Check out their awesome array of products and purchase yours today!


Andele! Andele! Check out this Mexican Getaway!

I am oh so very excited to share some awesome info that I have recently become privy too.

Since I of course can't go to CanCun and act like a rediculous college kid and drink till I'm blue in the face and slide down the side into that disgusting water at Senior Frogs.. hahaha. (NO, I NEVER did that anyway.)

I have some secrets on an awesome new collection of FAMILY FRIENDLY, Mexican Vacation Resorts!!

((CLICK READ MORE>> you KNOW you wanna!))