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Real Mom Tech Gadgets: ASUS Transformer Book T100 2 in 1

When you travel as much as I do, you need a lot of tech gadgets to get you through your journey. From power wallets to phone to laptops to bluetooth keyboards, there's a lot you have to pack to make your work trip successful. 

Sometimes you have to condense and just not bring all the things with you. There were times I did this and then I wished I didn't. Maybe I really did need the tablet. Or the times I wasn't going to bring the laptop because I thought I wouldn't have any down time....only to have a 3 hour layover. 


Now, I can condense and bring all the things! With the ASUS Transformer Book T100 2 in 1, I have a laptop and and tablet with me at all times. Light and handy, it works as either a laptop or a 10" tablet. I love being able to have the versatility with me when I am on the road. 

Some other cool specs?

  • Battery lasts up to 11 hours with one charge (amazing!)
  • Comfortable keyboard dock with multi-touch touchpad and USB 3.0 for productivity on-the-go
  • Windows 8.1 operating system 
  • Insanely light!

The only thing I seem to be having problems with are the little people trying to steal my new toy! What is it with kids and wanting all of our new devices? And what is it with them knowing how to use them before I learn how to use them? #RealMomProblems...I have them.

If you are tired of packing a million devices and cords on your trips, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 2 in 1 will have you ditching everything and making your bag a little lighter!

The ASUS Transformer Book T100 2 in 1 is available at Radio Shack for only $329.99! (Pricing may vary)


VTech Baby Monitor #VTechSafeandSound

VTech Baby Monitor #VTechSafeandSound


I'm busy.

Like, all the time busy. I'm a full-time mom, a full-time wife and I work (you guessed it) full-time. Waking up some mornings, it is a rush from one thing to the next. There is school, lessons, meetings, activities and sometimes we even manage to have a homecooked meal together!

Every parent laments the idea of "missing out" on their kids growing up. It's difficult - they grow so fast! But in the day-to-day, I've become more aware of missing out on the little moments - and sometimes that can be a safety issue!

With 2 boys (ie: Big Trouble and Little Trouble), I have to always be alert. It's amazing how quickly they get into things, make a mess or put themselves in a potentially harmful situation. Parents need multiple sets of eyes to keep track of their kids nowadays!


While we may not actually have eyes in the back of our heads, we can embrace devices that help us keep an eye on our little ones. It really is amazing the products that has come along from my oldest to the youngest days!  From a 6 year old to a 15 month old - the technology is a LIFE SAVER!

I have been super impressed with theVTech Safe & Sound Pan and Tilt Baby Monitor   I have had the fortunate opportunity to review many baby products over the years and when i found out I was pregnant with Hudson, I knew that BABY MONITORS were the BIGGEST thing I needed to get right!

I was recently sent my major GO TO MONITOR that I am FOREVER going to have attached to my belt buckle.

This little camera does it ALL! The camera can pan 270 degrees side-to-side and tilt 124 degrees up and down. It can also zoom in. I love that you have the ability to adjust the camera position, whether the kids are playing or sleeping, to see exactly what you need to see.  I love this product so much that because we are on three levels in our townhome - I went out and got ANOTHER camera!!  I have one of them set up on the baby crib with the viewer by my bed. The other viewer is set up all the way to the very downstairs in our house so I can hear the baby when he wakes up from naps.  Otherwise, I have to drag the monitor all over the house.  It really has become a lifesaver.

Even better, the VTech system has a "multiple view option." What does that mean? It means you can support up to 4 cameras on one parent unit. So if you want to keep an eye on the bedrooms as well as the playroom, VTech has you covered (literally!).  And TRUST ME when I tell you - I LIVE by the dual views!!

Another huge addition to this product is that is has a great range to it.  I can step outside and grab my oldest from the school bus while the baby is napping!  I can play outside with the oldest and have the baby inside.  It allll works out and I do not have to run up and down 500 stairs!!  

VTech has never let me down and they have gone above and beyond with this baby monitor.  


As part of a program I'm working on with Mom it Forward & VTech, I was sent this monitor for review.  

Woozworld: Your Virtual World & Social Network

A new social network has hit the virtual world. Woozworld is an unique virtual world and social network for tweens and teens. It’s completely free to join and super easy to play!


Once you create an avatar, you can start building your limitless world and create your own look. Hang-out and meet new friends! Design your place, be a trendsetter, throw parties! You can even run your own business. 

Saftey is really important to the creators of Woozworld. It has the highest standards in terms of online safety. Their top priority? Keeping your child safe and respecting their privacy. Woozworld is fully COPPA compliant and participates in the PRIVO® Privacy Assurance Program. Woozworld is also a browser-based virtual world so no downloads are required.

Woozworld also has a chat tool that is safe and supervised. It only allows pre-approved words and is powered by the cutting edge CRISP Thinking™ technology. Woozworld is patrolled by an experienced team of moderators that ensure you child’s safety. All players have to accept and follow the strict Code of Conduct.

Woozworld is on top of their game safety-wise!

Try it our for yourself. Join Woozworld, make your own avatar, play around by making your own world, and see for yourself!

Disposable Bottles called Steri-Bottles

Wow!  Wish they had these when Boston was little.

Maybe they did-but I didn't know about them!!  I had my girlfriend try out these disposable bottles.  They are BPA free and totally make life for 'moms on the run' a lot easier!  They are called Steri-Bottles. 

These bottles were first sold in England and are most recently sold in the U.S. 

I've always LOVED the take and toss plastic cups for their convenience and these are great for bottles!  My girlfriend loved them.  She begged me to get more! ha.  She said they are easy to assemble and her baby took to them right away.

You can buy these at BabiesRUs.


Miracle Gro Kids - Mini Greenhouse

We live in a townhome so finding a secure place in the back yard to grow any goodies is virtually impossible!

I've always wanted to plant tomatoes but never got around to it. 

I remember my mom growing a garden as a kid.  And I honestly never thought about doing one with Boston since we don't have a backyard.

But now?  I can do it in the kitchen! Wahoo!

My friends with Miracle-Gro kids sent me this absolutely adorabe mini greenhouse kit to make sweet pepper.  Yum. My favorite!

It's technically not for kids under 5-but I think Boston is a 'mature' 2 1/2 year old.  Besides.... I'm going to have it on the counter so it's not like he's gonna eat it!  (I worry more about the dog that the kid! hahaha

Ok-we'll keep you posted on our growth!

Have you ever done this with your kids?

Disclosure:  These products brought to you by Miracle-Gro® Kids Gardening Sets by Peachtree Playthings®.  They are intended for children 5 years & up.

Yep Yup Fashionable Pet Storage


WOW..Did I need this!

After our son was born-our poor dog totally got shafted!

I have been searching for the perfect pet organizer for EVER.  And I think I've found my maker!!!

Yepy Yup has this fab organizer that is made with quality & so convenient!!

I hung ours on the coat closet door and it TOTALLY got rid of the mess we had blocking his crate.  Yes.  It was REALLY bad.

It's called Yep Yup-but the website is different-so be SURE you look when you click!

It is truly an ADORABLE online store for your pets.

 Follow them on facebook to get their discounts!



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

Shutterfly Review & Coupon Code

Pictures mean a million words.  I'm the absolute worst at taking 2,000 pictures and oh so afraid to delete them!  You should see my scrapbook room.  Yeah.  There are zillions of pictures in there.  Not to mention I'm so late at scrapping them!!!  Pretty bad...but this winter I'm hoping to kick that hobby into high gear and catch up.  At least

ProFlowers Spa Getaway Basket ((Review))

Sometimes in my life, I tend to run away to my bathtub.  Ok. I'm lying.  It's not's ALL THE TIME!  Seriously, when I was pregnant with Boston and we were househunting-I MADE hubby go for this one because of the bathtub.

It truly kicks arse. least it REALLY does now.

I got this amazing basket from ProFlowers that has made my little bath getaway into a true spa moment!

Tommee Tippee ((Review))

No...that's not my little dude in the pic-but he sure is cute, isn't he?!?!?

So, Boston is 2 years old now.  And feeding time-I have to admit is a LOT harder than when we was one!  Now...he refuses to sit in his high chair.  Yeah. That idea is out the window.  And he is so crazy picky-it makes me NUTS!

DadGear Diaper Duty

If your husband is a 'guy's guy' like mine...he likely refuses to use your flowery diaper bag.

Got the perfect answer for you!

DadGear!!!  It totally rocks.

I found DadGear when I was

Julian & Company Jewelry Review

Around Mother's Day time-I got an email blast from Whitney, the creator of  Whitney is a Philly Mom Blogger too.  But I have to admit-I've been in LOVE with her site since I was on the air in Chicago...I wasn't married OR a mom then, either!

Right after I found out I was pregnant-I was perusing her site.... and found out she was from around here.  I emailed her and we started emailing back in forth.

I finally got her in studio when I was on the air at Now 97.5.  I did a fun video blog with her.

Now that you know about my obsession with her great site-go sign up!  haha

Anyway-I sent a link to hubby HINTING at what I wanted for Mother's Day. 

And the smart man that he is... he got it for me! 

I had emailed them-after he gave it to me-wanting to know if I could get a longer chain; they were so nice!  I sent them back the chain-and they sent me a larger one (to fit my FAT neck.  Blah)

They also sent me an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

ALSO-shop shop shop away!!  Put the code: JULIANSUMMER and get an awesome $15 off!

Ok go HERE to leave your comment in our Giveaways section!


Gelaskins - Put your kid in the Palm of Your Hands

I have gotten tons of attention lately from my Iphone.  Most Iphones just have a simple black look - but not mine. 

I have the cutest kid in the world on the back of mine!

I was given a chance to review Gelaskins for my Iphone.

It was really simple to do.  You can either choose one of their skins-or upload a pic of your own.  I, a proud Mama had to of course upload one of my own!   

It's a pic of my little dude from last December when we were frolicking on the beach in Florida. 

On the website you can get many different skins, for your PC, Mac, Iphone or really (so I think) any phone or computer. 

I get asked everyday 'how did you do that?'

It costs $25 (for IPhone 3g) skins.  You get a wallpaper for the front and the skin for the back.  It just clings onto the phone. You also get a skin to go on the front to keep the phone from scratching up-but I after a few tries to get it to cling without bubbles-I just threw it away. 

I love the Gelskin-and it definitely is a statement.  I'll likely order more, because I can't help but smile when I look at it. =)

Be sure to get yours!


Disclaimer:  I was given $25 to spend on the website and put it towards a skin for my iphone for this review.


Andele! Andele! Check out this Mexican Getaway!

I am oh so very excited to share some awesome info that I have recently become privy too.

Since I of course can't go to CanCun and act like a rediculous college kid and drink till I'm blue in the face and slide down the side into that disgusting water at Senior Frogs.. hahaha. (NO, I NEVER did that anyway.)

I have some secrets on an awesome new collection of FAMILY FRIENDLY, Mexican Vacation Resorts!!

((CLICK READ MORE>> you KNOW you wanna!))

Tag A Long

I am a mom of just one.  I often wonder-when we have two-how do I get it all together and look like I'm together?!?!?!

I found this really awesome product-AND it was created locally by a mom in the Philly area!!


It's called the Tag A Long.  I am my  father's daughter.... and when I saw that it was 'made in America' it was an instant- 'gotta have that'!

I got it in the mail-and thought... hmmm.. do I 'pretend' that my stroller has another kid in it?!?!?  Nah.. but I asked my girlfriend if she'd be interested in trying it out... She has a kid Boston's age and another cute babe who is 6 months old.  I'll keep you posted on what she thought about it.

You can pick up the product HERE.... And it's CHEAP!

$10 and your sanity is in a better place! hahaha

BonBon's Parties Elmo Birthday Party

I've been wanting to share with you an AWESOME company in Philly where you can outfit your kid's birthday party with entertainment and fun!

For Boston's 2nd birthday party-I knew I didn't want to have it at a bouncetown or somewhere other than our house. 

And although it turned out amazing-I ALMOST won Mother of the Year..(and NOT in a good way.)

I totally dropped the ball on it.  Here I was in mid May-knowing his birthday was RIGHT around the corner.  And the bad thing about a May 25th birthday-you get into weekends of Memorial Day; T-ball; and tons of other moms on the run activities. 

I knew I wanted to either rent an Elmo costume (and have hubby wear it AGAIN hahaha) or I was going to hire someone.

I googled 'elmo birthday parties' or something like that.. all I know for sure is I googled it. 

I checked out a few places-and honestly they seemed a bit sketchy.

So I sent an email to BonBon's.  I got a fast response back from Bonnie the owner -and within a couple days we were set!

I decided to do his birthday on Tuesday the 25th (his actual birthday) because after polling my neighbors on my block whom were the kids I planned on inviting... I decided since we are ALL out in the cul de sac everyday around 4p till our hubby's get was a perfect day to do it.

BonBon's came-made unbelievable balloon animals for the 1st half hour-then the 2nd half hour Elmo came.  He played with a parachute with the kids...sang songs...danced and even sat with each kid for a special picture!

I felt really bad for Elmo at the time cause it was like 100+ degrees that evening!  It was soooo hot!  (S)he was totally fine with it.  Elmo wanted to make sure every kid got their due time with him. 

When really, the owner (who just so happened to be the person in the suit) could have said the conditions were too hot for Elmo to stay out any longer!

Above all-Elmo is what made my 2 year old's special day.  Really it was! 

If you are in the Philly/Delaware/Jersey area and need some kind of entertainment for your kids..from a princess party to the 'Big Red or Blue Monster' you have to give BonBon's a call!  ((And if you mention you heard it from me-she takes $10 off!))

I paid a great price for what they did.  They arrived early so they jumped in right away and gave me an extra 1/2 hour of balloon animals too!  I paid $210 for one hour.  It's $150 if you just want Elmo-but I wanted to add on an extra helper since I knew there were going to be a ton of kids here too! 

I mean, figuring it costs $300+ to rent a bouncetown it was great!

((Disclosure:  I did not receive any free products or services for this review.  I'm just a mom wanting to pass on the good word of an awesome find in Philadelphia!))

Rubik's Cube 30th Anniversary Challenge

The folks at Rubik's sent me a facy box with some awesome goodies inside.

I'm the first to admit that I practically forgot about those little square thingys.

But.. they are making a comeback. And this time they are placing those square thingy's within your kids education.

Seems there is some math disciplines involved in figuring that thingy out.  Good thing I was horrible at math in school.  No wonder I always cheated and plucked the stickers and moved them to make it look like I figured it out!

They have their 30th Anniversary this year.  Man do I feel old now. 

They are empowering youth to try their knack at the cube.

Wanna win one?

**Answer this question:  What is the name of the American man who created the Rubik's Cube?

Leave a comment...and win!

Post to your facebook and share on twitter for extra credit. 

(Be sure you tag me so I know to count you in!  =)

Frecklebox Review

I got approached by a cool company-and let me just begin to tell you how AWESOME their customer service is!!!  The OWNER emailed me!!!

I picked out a few fun things on their site that I thought Boston would enjoy..and got them asap!

My fave has to be the personalized Hip Hop Howie Book!

You have to go visit their site and start shopping now!  GREAT for kids birthday presents... and oh-so-personable!

Fun Finds! New great handbag

So, I met this WONDERFUL designer, Kristine Christie.

She ROCKS the handbag world!

She found my site and reached out to me.. asked if I wanted to review a bag."

"Sure!" I thought.. honestly thinking her bags were like every other...

BUT that all changed.

1st off - after I talked to Kristine... She's as sweet as they come.

2ndly-when I got her bag a couple weeks ago-I was in HEAVEN!

I wear this bag every day... and just LOVE it.

The ChrisDee designs COMPLETELY and totally build your bag to fit you!

LOVE it.