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Pedestal Pets

Pedestal Pets

Pedestal Pets® is a new educational toy that combines learning with fun! Each series includes 4 animal pencil toppers, 4 coordinating pencils and 4 fun fact trading cards! You can also name your pets and print out coloring pages on this website!


They currently offer 3 collections: Neighborhood, Barnyard and Safari Friends. Scroll down to see them all!

*Created by a Pennsylvania mom after her daughter fell in love with the pencil toppers found in vending machines.  She thought-why not create them on pencils and make it a fun trading event!


Personalized SnickeyI love teh tagline for this product!  "It's not a scarf, it's not a dickey-it's a snickey!"

Created with Mothers In Mind, Christine created the Snickey because she didn't want to use scarves after hearing of the dangers of them being choking hazards. 

I honestly never thought about that.  That is scary! 

There are many fun patterns and the Snicky does not discriminate!  Good for kids, parents, grandparents... everyone!

The retail value for the snickey is around $17.  $22 if you want them personalized.

Christine, the mom-ventor is adorable.  She even made a video on how to wear your Snickey!