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Lotty Dotty: Fun Fashion for Girls

Lotty Dotty: Fun Fashion for Girls

If my girls could wear pink, tulle, tutus and skirts every day, they would. They have both hit the stage, at ages 3 and 6, where they suddenly care about what they are wearing. Now, there are plenty of days that their hand-picked outfits don't match or are "uniquely paired." But 95% of the time, there is lots of pink, fluffy things, glitter and more.

Miraclebody Jeans

Kind of a weird story on how I found these.  I was at a blogger event in Lancaster that I put together and one of my friends, Elizabeth had these cute jeans on.  I said to her 'you're losing weight!' and she said 'no!  It's these awesome jeans I got in NYC while at Blogher!"

I also saw them in my friend Whitney's site.  She reminded me even MORE to check them out.  They looked awesome on her too. 

I went into FULL FLEDGED