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5 Great Subscription Services to Spend Your Holiday Cash On

5 Great Subscription Services to Spend Your Holiday Cash On

Did you survive the holiday?

I can assure you I'm quite thankful that they are over.  I'm ready to rock the new year for sure!  As someone who loves to give gifts that give way more than just the holidays.....I went on a mission to find some great gifts that you can give all year long.  Plus, mama has GOT to gift herself from the hard work being home with kids the entire winter break, right? #RealMomProblems

Subscription gift boxes are all the rage right now.  In fact - I've found my new fave website to fuel that addiction!  (And seriously-the site is called 'MY SUBSCRIPTION ADDICTION'!  TRUTH.)  

Each month, a box is shipped to your front door filled with new products.  They can be anything from sample sizes of clothing & shoes to renting runway fashions & even RENTING TOYS!  Everyone loves to get packages in the mail. There is always something great about getting something new & fun at your doorstep!




Ecocentric is one of my faves too!  I am not 'granola' if you will. lol I love to support the Earth when I can though and with this box of 5-9 hand selected products you'll discover great new finds!

I love that they send you larger than the usual sample sizes.  They even include full sizes!  Each box has a $24-$50 retail value to them.  You will discover new types of natural, sustainable, organic, and ethical products with each box.


For the LEGO fans, you can’t go wrong with Brick Loot . Brick fanatics!  Subscribers get receive a monthly box filled with unique, custom and never-before-seen items that work with LEGO bricks and custom building. Each month your Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.

What I LOVE about Brick Loot is the UNIQUENESS that comes along with their products.  There isn't a giant LOGO (or should I say LEGO logo) screaming at you.  It's unique, cute, convenient and a HUGE gift for any building fans in your house!



BirchBox.  I actually have seen quite a few different bloggers & vloggers doing unboxing videos of BirchBox.  It's a fun diddy of unique products.  They sent me one for review and I immediately signed up my husband for the dude deliveries!!  He is very into smelling and looking good.  (That is of course a GOOD THING that he's like that.  He is a pretty boy and I love that about him!)  He really liked the idea and that he was getting three more boxes.  The one thing that I'll say is that the boxers in the box they sent for review were a size M.  What guy is a medium??? lol I'm not sure if they personalize that better.  I hope so cause he loved the boxers - but ahem.  Said his 'bits won't fit'.  Ok & alrighty then. lol TMI, right?


Many moons ago when my 6 year old was a baby I use to get a monthly subscription of scrapbooking stuff.  I loved it until I stopped scrapbooking and my house filled with STUFF.  lol.  The great thing about these kinds of crafting boxes is that they can be gifted too.  And they teach you a serious step by step learning of simple and cute crafts.  

So, I came across a very cool crafting subscription service called For The Makers.   This isn't just your average "here's a bunch of beads now go build something service"!  They have some serious art projects!  At For the Makers they give you all the materials to make 4 DIY projects for $29 a box. What's really fun about this service is that you can shop the collection pending your personality!  The boxes range from products like making lip balm to shoe clips.  What's interesting to me with this service was that they actually sell the finished products on the website and for a LOT more than the $29 investment you made to handmake them.  And if you are someone who loves to do handmade gifts - you'll LOVE this!


This is a box that I tried out a couple years ago.  It is the PERFECT box for any new mom, mom to babies, baby shower, etc.  VERY motherly with BLUUM.  =)  They have gotten a lot better over the years.  I did enjoy this particular box when I was pregnant with Hudson - because there was a lot of great natural products in there. 

Now they send from pregnancy to preschool including some very fun games!  Bluum also is a great service that lets you try before you buy.  You know as a new mom - the products you buy trying to find the right one is soooo expensive! lol

Oogaa Product Review

 I'm at the stage now where feeding an infant involves much more than a bottle with some milk in it!

Recently I was sent some great feeding products to review from a company called Oogaa.

This company has some fabulous feeding products.  I love their unique bowls and spoons!  The spoons have little bumps on the bottom so they rub little gums.  Plus they are shaped like steamboats and airplanes.

Cute right?

Plus, they are all about creating products that is healthy for the environment, not filled with toxins like BPA to phthalates.  That is a GREAT sign for sure!

They are an up and coming brand so your best bet to buy the products are on their website, Amazon and some Babies R Us stores. 



Grilled Cheezus

Why yes.  You can honestly say that they have officially DONE IT ALL. haha

There is a product on the market, that we got to review in our house, that is all about the big "J". 

In a grilled cheese. 

A tasty one at that. 

AND an AWESOME conversation piece!!

The Grilled Cheesus  sandwich press is available in stores and online for about $40.

You're kids' will love you for it.

Everyone needs a little CHEEZUS in thier life, ya know?  =)

BottlePops & Rattlers

My kid is a SUCKER. Really.  Yes. We STILL have the binky.  And yes. I know he's too old.  And yes. I'm working on that one. ha

But, in the meantime I enjoy taking him to this local candy store in Philly.  It's actually in Conshohocken.  And I know going in-that I'm gonna eat more than him.  But I also know exactly where he's heading when he gets in the door!

This kid LOVES BottlePops.  A TON.  The folkd at Bottle Pop sent me a few of them and well. I have a VERY HAPPY little boy.  They have Rattlerz out now-which I didn't know about before.  They're awesome!

Big fan in our house.

If you haven't heard of them-head to their interactive website to have fun & learn more!


Miracle Gro Kids - Mini Greenhouse

We live in a townhome so finding a secure place in the back yard to grow any goodies is virtually impossible!

I've always wanted to plant tomatoes but never got around to it. 

I remember my mom growing a garden as a kid.  And I honestly never thought about doing one with Boston since we don't have a backyard.

But now?  I can do it in the kitchen! Wahoo!

My friends with Miracle-Gro kids sent me this absolutely adorabe mini greenhouse kit to make sweet pepper.  Yum. My favorite!

It's technically not for kids under 5-but I think Boston is a 'mature' 2 1/2 year old.  Besides.... I'm going to have it on the counter so it's not like he's gonna eat it!  (I worry more about the dog that the kid! hahaha

Ok-we'll keep you posted on our growth!

Have you ever done this with your kids?

Disclosure:  These products brought to you by Miracle-Gro® Kids Gardening Sets by Peachtree Playthings®.  They are intended for children 5 years & up.

Once Upon A Cookie

Sooo awesome!  I got home from Blissdom and had a wonderful tasty package awaiting me.

Yes.  I'm embarassed to say I INHALED them.  And hid in the corner with the others.

Thank you Once Upon A Cookie!!  You were my knight in shining armour.  =)