This show is coming at such a perfect time for my household!

My oldest, Boston is a horrific veggie/fruit eater.  If our world were to stop producing dairy?  He'd probably starve!!  His diet pretty much consists of yogurt.  LOTS of yogurt.  

My youngest, Hudson?  Well Super Sprowtz to the rescue!  This isn't a traditional cooking show.  It's more of a 'Muppets Meets Popeye!'  I love Popeye.  Sadly, my kid doesn't know who that is!!  The fact that he doesn't know Popeye is a reminder that our kids are missing out on the GOOD STUFF, right? =)  Super Sprowtz lauched January 15th this year and you can expect lots of great eating advice with colorful characters like Erica the Eggplant, Colby the Carrot, Brian the Broccoli, Roger the trainer and special guest Michelle Obama!  (I love that she's so focused on getting our kids healthy.  GREAT platform to reach for First Lady!)

Now, yes - there are other characters like Zach the Zucchini - but I can't eat him!!!  Eh.  

Want to learn more?  Great stuff on their website.  The characters move too!  (My 2 year old LOVES the website.  He's enamored everytime I log into it.)

Visit the site and check out the interesting array of celebrity chefs like Shaq, Russell Simmons, Kevin Connelly and more.  (I would like to point out - where are the female celebs, huh Sprowtz?  =)

Be sure to visit their social media pages too:,,