millers monograms

When it comes to discussing how I started off my company, I can say that inspiration for me struck not at home, but at the beach. This past summer, I was traveling down south with my family when I stopped at a little boutique. There, I came across a large monogram “M” for our front door. It was the perfect vacation memento, it spoke to my personality, and I coveted it madly. But when I turned it over and saw the $60+ price tag, my heart sank.

On my way back to our beach house, an epiphany struck: why pay all that money for something I could create on my own? I’ve always been pretty crafty, and I love the whole creative process. When we returned home, I took a trip to a local craft store and found a very similar, but plain version of the same monogram for a fraction of the price.  I took it home and worked some magic, turning it into an identical version of the $60+ boutique piece I had seen earlier in the summer . Soon after creating the door monogram I posted a picture of it on my Facebook and within a very short period tons of my friends wanted to know where I had gotten it. Before long, I was hand painting custom color patterns and schemes, and even a full set of smaller letters custom created to match a bedroom theme for a soon-to-be-born baby girl’s room.   And thus my company, Miller’s Monograms, was born.

I’m not a décor doyenne by training – this is my passion project, which I do in addition to my job as a Registered Nurse in a local emergency room. It’s a wonderful outlet for me: as a woman with a family and a demanding job, with little time to myself, working on these projects gives me some much-needed therapeutic time. Before long, and with some luck and a much-needed social media presence, I suddenly had people asking me to make different personalized items. With a little bit of research, I realized that this was something else I could do, too! 

I started small, with things like wine glasses, water bottles, and tumblers, and asked my customers what else they’d like to be able to purchase. After all, what’s better than a personalized gift that exactly reflects what the recipient likes? Ideas range from sports teams, to favorite colors and themes that have been applied to things like cutting boards and wine glasses bearing a soon-to-be-brides’ married name to name a few! (That last one has proven to be very popular!)

But one of the best parts of my business is the fulfillment I feel in interacting with my customers to create such a special gift. I’ve always been the type of person who got joy in giving something to someone else, and this process allows me to do that time and time again! I strive to make every interaction as personal  and high quality as the gift that I create for them. To help foster these relationships, I send out pictures of their gifts during the creative process and when they’re finished (prior to delivery) to ensure everything is exactly as desired. 

Please stop by my Facebook page www.facebook.com/millersmonograms to find out more about my products and services and to say hello! I would love to discuss how we can create a gift for an upcoming holiday or special event in your life! 

With love,

Cassandra  @  Millers Monograms