Dog is a paid actor. lol

Dog is a paid actor. lol

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions of course are my own!


Goody Gives Great Hair

Being female comes with its own set of obstacles.  Biggest being HAIR problems!  We all have them and often don't like them.  But it is just like anything in life - you have to figure out what product is best for you and your hair!  Recently I started working with Acorn Influence and love that they picked me to take part in their Goody Clean Radiance Campaign & Giveaway!

The Clean Radiance products use copper bristles that seriously give your scalp a great massage!  One thing that I love about this brush is how soft it makes my hair.  I have a mop full of hair.  It needs some serious love in order to give it the life that it has all the time.I'm pretty spoiled with my hair as I try to get it done often!  These brushes I have been using has really given it a little more time between highlights.  I don't know if that's intended with them - but I'll take it either way!  Every female has to take care of their hair ya know?  So why not start with these great brushes!  

I have always been consistent on my hair because honestly, it's the only piece of me that has stayed consistent over the years!  My hair.  Fun, right?