Vintage Marquee Lights Review

I have always dreamed of having my name in lights.  I fact, I have actually had my names in lights once!  While on the air in Chicago - I was invited to host an event at a theatre and they put 'Welcome Joey Fortman' on the Marquee and I remember I DIED that day!

Over the holidays - I got this amazing product to review.  I was planning to put it in the holiday gift guide - but I felt like this was TOO COOL that it needed a stand alone!

I actually sent these out as client gifts - so I also didn't want to give away my surprise too! lol


Hashtag and @ signs are apart of our communication daily these days - so when they offered me one to review, I was all about getting the @ sign.  I got it in a mega box as I didn't realize by the site how BIG they are!

The price is definitely a little hefty, but knowing their story and that they are HAND MADE - they rock!  Well worth it.  Plus, I know over the holidays they had a killer 40% off deal so be sure to keep checking their site if you want it but need a fab coupon code to pull the trigger! =)  ((I have to admit - I'm a sucker to reading about a company that has such a great story behind them and Vintage Marquee Lights are much more than their name!)