If my girls could wear pink, tulle, tutus and skirts every day, they would. They have both hit the stage, at ages 3 and 6, where they suddenly care about what they are wearing. Now, there are plenty of days that their hand-picked outfits don't match or are "uniquely paired." But 95% of the time, there is lots of pink, fluffy things, glitter and more. 

This penchant for fashion filters it's way down to their play as well. Lucy and Maggie could spend hours picking out outfits for their dolls and Barbies, trying different skirt and sweater pairings, swapping one dress for another. Not long ago, I introduced them to a different kind of doll: the paper doll. And they were enamored! For little kids, these 2-dimensional girls with an array of outfits fitted with tabs are easier to dress than a regular doll. There are not buttons to close, zippers to zip or fitting a shirt over an oversized doll head. Paper dolls are one of the newest fads in this fashion-crazy house!


So you can imagine when I introduced the Lotty Dotty collection to Lucy and Maggie, their eyes all but fell out of their head. There was also a good bit of squealing, clapping and jumping. Because to my daughters, Lotty Dotty offers the best of both worlds: cute clothes and a doll you can dress up, all in one pretty package.


Lotty Dotty is a collection of interactive t-shirts and handbags (that double as iPad covers) inspired by playing dress up with paper dolls. 

Founded in 2009 by Shevanne Helmer and Maya Persaud, two American women living in Paris, France, the company has designed and patented a revolutionary line of high-fashion T-shirts featuring screen printed doll figures, that can be dressed interchangeably with Velcro-backed designer mini-outfits. Harking back to childhood memories of playing with paper dolls, Shevanne and Maya named the company Lotty Dotty after one of their early favorites.

Each shirt comes with embroidered with a cute girl who is wearing a removable dress attached by velcro, as well as an additional outfit. Girls can choose how to dress their "shirt doll" each day, coordinating with whatever they choose to wear. Build the doll's wardrobe with the many outfits available on the Lotty Dotty website.



Also? Not only are these cute, fun clothes, but they stand behind good causes!  You know why this is important? I'm in the precarious position of raising girls in a world that sends them very mixed (and detrimental) messages about their bodies, their self-esteem and their worth. I love that Lotty Dotty clothes are simple, cute without being edgy and provocative. And my girls need to know the importance of knowing the brands they buy - and what their money goes to. Lotty Dotty uses organic cotton and recyclable materials as much as possible and is dedicated to aiding women and children issues. I love that Lotty Dotty is actively dedicated to the issues of women and children. What an amazing message to be sending my growing girls!

Lotty Dotty ranges in sizes 
preadolescent (ages 4-10) to adult (ages 12-50), with dolls that can be dressed and undressed directly on the t-shirt.For more information, please visit www.lottydotty.com.  

Shirt retails: $32 on lottydotty.com


Special thanks to the AMAZING Stephanie Anderson from Modern Day Donna Reed for sharing her cute daughters for this review.  (She's fab everything. From mom to blogger. Pfft. Move over Donna Reed.)