A new social network has hit the virtual world. Woozworld is an unique virtual world and social network for tweens and teens. It’s completely free to join and super easy to play!


Once you create an avatar, you can start building your limitless world and create your own look. Hang-out and meet new friends! Design your place, be a trendsetter, throw parties! You can even run your own business. 

Saftey is really important to the creators of Woozworld. It has the highest standards in terms of online safety. Their top priority? Keeping your child safe and respecting their privacy. Woozworld is fully COPPA compliant and participates in the PRIVO® Privacy Assurance Program. Woozworld is also a browser-based virtual world so no downloads are required.

Woozworld also has a chat tool that is safe and supervised. It only allows pre-approved words and is powered by the cutting edge CRISP Thinking™ technology. Woozworld is patrolled by an experienced team of moderators that ensure you child’s safety. All players have to accept and follow the strict Code of Conduct.

Woozworld is on top of their game safety-wise!

Try it our for yourself. Join Woozworld, make your own avatar, play around by making your own world, and see for yourself!