Click Pic to visit BeautisolAfter a whopping 7+ years as a lifeguard who RARELY wore sunscreen I can honestly tell you that..well..I'm an idiot for one.  But for two?  Tanning outdoors, beds or anywhere that damages my skin is really a no go anymore.

A few years back I got laser work done to remove some NASTY deep tissues on my face that were FRIED from tanning.

But...I ALWAYS feel better about myself with a tan!!!  So it's kind of a 'catch 22'.

Thank HEAVENS for GOOD self tanning lotions!!!!!!!!  That's all I gotta say.  YES.  My hair and my skin are FAKE.  Sorry to burst your bubbles.  =)

But I was recently send Beautisol to try out. 

They retail for about $40 which is a bit high-but with self tanning.. you GET what you PAY for!!!

Just asked Sinead Norenius-the SelfTanningQueen!

I have to admit-I haven't yet.  But I will be sure to share with you what my thoughts are on it.

In the meantime, HAPPY SELF TANNING!