My kid is a SUCKER. Really.  Yes. We STILL have the binky.  And yes. I know he's too old.  And yes. I'm working on that one. ha

But, in the meantime I enjoy taking him to this local candy store in Philly.  It's actually in Conshohocken.  And I know going in-that I'm gonna eat more than him.  But I also know exactly where he's heading when he gets in the door!

This kid LOVES BottlePops.  A TON.  The folkd at Bottle Pop sent me a few of them and well. I have a VERY HAPPY little boy.  They have Rattlerz out now-which I didn't know about before.  They're awesome!

Big fan in our house.

If you haven't heard of them-head to their interactive website to have fun & learn more!