Jake and the Neverland Pirates 

Ok-new show in our house!!  Jake and the Neverland Pirates!


My 3 year old never watches Disney Junior.  Can't tell a lie!  But we're now big fans.  


Another 'can't tell a lie' but there are so many kiddie shows out there that you just want to snore over.  Or you wonder 'how can that be entertaining to kids?!?!?  But after watching Jake and his little friends-I can tell you that this isn't one of 'those shows'.  There are characters from classic 'Peter Pan' so for some the show might be nastalgic!!  It has actually become the #1 series for boys 2-5 on Disney Junior!  THAT awesome of a show I tell ya! ha


We got to review the DVD and he loved it!  You can catch the actual show on Fridays at 8:30 ET.  Get caught up on your fave episodes at www.DisneyJunior.com


The show is a modern day pirate play!  Since we're in the holiday season-I gotta share their holiday show!  It's called "It's A Winter Never Land - Hook On Ice" and it airs on December 2nd.  


*And if you are begging for more Disney Junior programming-good news...they are going to 24 hr programming in early 2012!

There's no party like a Disney party that's for sure!

We've never been to Disney.  But this show is creating meaningful characters that my 3 year old is sure to love when we do get to Disney!

 DISCLOSURE: We got a fun prize pack with Mickey Ears, a couple Disney T-Shirts, Jake & the Neverland Pirates DVD and more.  But that did NOT buy my opinion of the show.  =)  Still loved it.