Who's Brad and how did he find so many AWESOME DEALS?!?!?!  Seriously...he's a woman's dream. hahaha

I'm a SUCKER fan for sales..and when I find good deals and sites that have great info-I'm on top of that one.

www.BradsDeals.com was started by a guy named BRAD (go figure) when he was in college.  I've seen him on the Today Show and definitely hit up his site many times for coupon codes.

Last week I bought a table from Crate & Barrel.  I'm in HEAVEN over the deal I got while window shopping.  (I got the floor model of a table that costs $700 & I got it for $300!!  WOHOO!)

Anyway, I need to buy chairs.  I was on Overstock looking at some fab chairs and lucky for me my buddy Brad has some deals for Overstock!!  Overstock Coupons   

Boston is needing some new pants too.  Um. How do they grow so fast?!?!?  That kid's ankles are freezing! haha. Brad has the deals for Children's Place too!  Upwards of 20% off!!


This is a sponsored post - but it's no lie that I love this site.  Just ask my husband-and his credit card!!!  ((At LEAST Brad saved us some cash!  Wahoo!))