My girlfriend sent me a link around the holidays for a friend of hers that is selling awesome tie dyed fashions.

Of course the surfer I am - linked away and loved them! 

I reached out to Kelly, founder and owner of Chromatude and asked her how she got started.  And this is what she sad:

About a year and a half ago, I got sick of looking at a couple of tie dyed shirts that my older daughter had made at an art camp and were the only things she’d wear day after day.   New store-bought shirts didn’t work.  Neither did trying to hide them in the bottom of the drawer.  So I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, and we both kind of liked the results. Then naturally I had to make shirts for her sister, too, and then for their cousins, and for our family vacation, and so on.

After things got completely out of hand, it was obvious (at least to my husband) that I needed to sell a few to pay for all of those odd shipments of dyes and chemicals arriving from Northern California.   So I did a couple of craft shows, fairly successfully. (Except for the first one, where it rained all day and we needed ski parkas in late April.)  So I bought more shirts and a mini-fridge for the dyes, and thus needed to do more craft shows to pay for them, which kept me quite busy this fall.
I’ve recently decided to try my hand at online sales.  I have my own, very low-tech website at , but also sell on etsy at   I do lots of custom orders in addition to what’s currently for sale on etsy. 

GET A DISCOUNT!!!  (use coupon code REAL15 at checkout on etsy) for a 15% discount on all purchases through January 31, 2011.