Expressionary is a fun website with different items where you can 'express your style in print'.

There really are a lot of websites out there now with customization opportunities-but this one is really one of the best.

I'm big on what the site looks like. 

This site is clean and really interested in their products.

I'm big into fun and bright products...and this site has it!

They sent me a plate in the mail and it was a much needed surprise on the crazy day I was having!

So, if you were to send someone something 'special' and random...this plate is a good idea.  =)

It's not glass-which is nice.  It's melamine. 

If there was one thing I would do different-I would wish it was microwave safe.  Just cause it's a GREAT plate for casual dinner (instead of OUR FAMILY rituals of PAPER plates! ha)

Check them out at

DISCLOSURE:  I am a member of the Expressionary Community Panel and I recieve goodies from them time to time.  They are as always my honest opinions.