Pictures mean a million words.  I'm the absolute worst at taking 2,000 pictures and oh so afraid to delete them!  You should see my scrapbook room.  Yeah.  There are zillions of pictures in there.  Not to mention I'm so late at scrapping them!!!  Pretty bad...but this winter I'm hoping to kick that hobby into high gear and catch up.  At least a little bit!

Every time I need to get prints printed I use Shutterfly. 

I've been using shutterfly for sometime now-but I've only used them for picture prints.  Just recently did I find myself really looking at what they have to offer. 

 The Shutterfly Thank You Cards are awesome!  I always tend to go OVERBOARD in my thank you cards for Boston's birthday....and make them.  But after the insanity it took for this last birthday?  I'll be ordering not only the thank you cards but the invite Party Invitations from there.

While looking at their photo gifts I saw some adorable jewelry that would make great Christmas presents!  I haven't seen that on any other site.  Did you know they have calling cards, address labels, keepsake boxes and even puzzles?  Me neither.

There are so many photo sites out there right now-it's really hard to choose which one is going to really give you the quality and price you're looking for.

Found a great coupon code for you!  Spend $30 and get $10 off total purchase!  According to RetailMeNot - put in the code Trial10.


Disclaimer:  I was given Shutterfly goodies to conduct this review.