No...that's not my little dude in the pic-but he sure is cute, isn't he?!?!?

So, Boston is 2 years old now.  And feeding time-I have to admit is a LOT harder than when we was one!  Now...he refuses to sit in his high chair.  Yeah. That idea is out the window.  And he is so crazy picky-it makes me NUTS!

One of the issues I have with his feeding time is..well... he likes to THROW his food.  Yeah.  Makes me crazy. And unhappy.  But I guess it's a part of life. 

I think I'm on the verge of getting even though.

The Tommee Tippee Non Slip Easy Mat makes me stick out my tongue and say-"Na Na Na Na Boo Boo!!!"

He struggles with throwing his bowl that way. hahaha. 

Also, the sippee cups by Tommee Tippee are awesome from spills.  Since I got the Sippee Cup-I have that bad boy filled to the BRIM with iced water on these hot days and we take it to the pool.  It doesn't spill..and it's great for him to hold with little wet hands.  The weaning bowl and spoon have been a lifesaver at the pool too!  Almost everyday we head to the pool with our packed lunches to meet our little friend Carly and her mom Beth. 

These products make me look organized...and thank heavens LOOKS can be oh-so deceiving! ha

Want to pick up your own?

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  • Disclaimer:  I am a Reviewer with Mom Blogger's Club and received these products for my review.