Here's another from that 'why didn't I think of that?' category in my brain! ha.

Actually-I'm not very creative-so I could have never come up with this...but kudos to the smart father who did! 

In our house-apple sauce is deadly.  Really deadly.  Boston is a little more advanced now (finally) than he was when I WISH I would have found the Little Grips. They have definitely helped him (and my sanity) with eating.  Not to mention he loves them.  "Melons Mommy!"  That's what he calls them cause I told him they were watermelon spoons.  ha

It's already hard for toddlers to grasp utensils and these make it much easier!  They are very adorable-watermelon looking-spoon and fork.

If you have a baby-getting ready to start the feeding process-you HAVE to pick these up!  Not only are they adorable-but they are a lifesaver!  For around $11 you'll be thankful.  Buy the Little Grips here...