I have really been trying to incorporate MORE fruits and veggies in MY life and have taken quite a liking to apples.  Mainly because of the program that I was on-I had apples running out my ears.  Thankfully, I still love them! lol  One thing that bothered me about them was the thought that a zillion people have touched my apple before it hit my mouth.  EWWWW.

So I was actually WASHING them with soap and water. Double Ew.  I never had that 'soap taste' but still.  Soap and water?? There has to be a better way.

I was reading my Parenting Mag one day and came across these.  Eat Cleaner was considered a 'must have' in the mag-so I checked it out. 


I got the 'on the go' small pack and have run out of them...IN DAYS.  They are perfect for cleaning apples or any other fruit / veggie that you like to just crunch on.

Even better... they are invented by a college professor and his daughter; who is a mother of 2! 

AMERICAN INVENTED.  My daddy approves.

As do I! 

Check out their awesome array of products and purchase yours today!